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2017-18 Synergy Electricity Price Increases

28 June 2017
synergy power increases 2017

2017-18 Synergy Electricity Price Increases

  Synergy has announced their 2017-18 WA electricity prices. These changes (detailed below) will apply to all residences and businesses on gazetted tariffs in Perth and the South West of Western Australia who are supplied by Synergy, as well as those outside the South West who are supplied by Horizon Power.   Electricity Price Rises […]

28 June 2017

STC Discount Set to Reduce

What are STCs? Small-Scale Technology Certificates or STCs are government rebates designed to incentivise homeowners and businesses to invest in renewable technologies like solar and wind power. When purchasing a renewable energy system, you’ll generate 1 STC for every Megawatt-hour of energy your system is expected to produce until 2031. Once your STCs have been […]

23 June 2017
Feed-In Tariff Increase

Eastern States Feed-In Tariff Increase

  The residential net feed-in tariff scheme is a State Government subsidy designed to encourage the installation of renewable energy systems. Through the Renewable Energy Buyback or Solar Bonus Schemes, homeowners who own renewable energy systems like solar or wind can export any excess electricity they generate to the grid and receive payment from their power […]

23 June 2017
WA Power Price Increases

Power Prices Set to Increase in WA

  WA State Treasurer Ben Wyatt has announced the average household’s electricity bills will increase by around $169 a year, starting from July 1. This increase is part of a number of fee changes, that will see households face an additional $440 in charges annually. Synergy’s daily charge electricity users must pay to be connected […]

22 June 2017

Changes to the Queensland Solar Bonus Scheme

  Mark Bailey, the State’s Energy Minister, has recently introduced a bill that will effectively cap the amount of electricity homeowners with solar installed on their roof can feed back into the grid. The changes in existing legislation are designed to save the government, and by extension all electricity users, an estimated $1 billion in extra payments from […]

16 June 2017

Can You Charge an Electric Vehicle with Solar Power?

  When operating at maximum output, many of the solar PV systems installed on Australian homes create more electricity than they use. When this occurs, a solar PV system’s inverter will send any excess electricity it can’t use to the grid. Back in the early days of residential solar, homeowners around Australia would receive up to […]

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