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About your inverter

The inverter is considered to be the heart of the solar system as it controls every aspect of the power generation within the system and provides system indication and performance data.

The inverter constantly monitors the quality of the electricity from the grid. It will disconnect from the grid if for example grid impedance, voltage or frequency fall out of tolerance.

The inverter will de-activate at night and once the solar radiation is high enough the inverter will start to operate automatically again each morning – it will start off with a self test before feeding the grid with electricity. It is normal for inverters to turn off when no power is being produced (i.e. at night).

Click here for instructions on how to read your inverter

If your inverter isn’t responding;

  •  Check there has not been a power cut. If there is the inverter will reconnect when power is restored.
  •  Check solar array switch is in the ON position.
  •  Check that the inverter isolator is in the ON position.

Loss of supply:

Your inverter will automatically shut itself off within a few seconds of a blackout, to avoid the potential of a dangerous “brown-out” in your home and to prevent back feeding into the grid. Therefore even though you have a solar system during a blackout you will not have power available.

Please do not touch any of the wiring or explore inside the inverter, contact us on 1300 074 669 for assistance.

Please click here for the system shut down procedure.

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