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A global PV specialist, WINAICO is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, high-performance PV modules, originating in Taiwan. With headquarters in Hsinchu City, Taiwan and subsidiaries across Europe, Australia, United States and Japan, WINAICO is globally recognised as an industry leader in the manufacture of photovoltaic modules.

Taiwan is widely recognised for its technological leadership in the solar sector and some of WINAICO’s accolades include winning the Taiwan Excellent PV award, awarded by Taiwan’s Bureau of Energy for their 300W WSP-M6 PERC module which came out on top, across the board, for safety, reliability and efficiency.

Their 260 Poly module also lead them to win the 2014 PTC ratings (Photovoltaic Utility Scale Application Testing Conditions) ahead of 14,000 other modules, from leading brands and suppliers across the globe. The PTC rating evaluates real performance in practice – the higher the rating, the more electricity is then produced per installed watt, thus leading to greater return on investment.

Continual testing to seek improvements is what makes WINAICO an industry leading, tier one manufacturer, because they ensure that their modules can with-stand a multitude of conditions, allowing them to exceed market requirements in all areas.

For example, WINAICO modules are proven to with-stand extreme conditions in the Australian desert, where modules have to survive large temperature variations, day and night. Ahead of other market leaders and other international brands, WINAICO’s PV modules achieve a higher normalised daily output at the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre.

WINAICO’s complete set of reliability tests enable their PV modules to with-stand heat, snow, wind and other adversities far more successfully and for far longer than their competitors. They are proven to successfully complete thermal shock, hail and damp heat testing, as well as mechanical load testing.

WINAICO honour their quality guarantee by offering a 3 in 1 insurance package, free for two years, with the option to extend coverage for a further eight years. This 3 in 1 package provides additional security to your solar investment and secures your complete installation from any material damage, including fire, natural disasters such as storms and hail, theft, operational errors and even rodent damage.

You can rest assured that when you have WINAICO panels installed, they come with an industry-leading 12 year product warranty, as well as a 25 year linear performance guarantee.

Across the board, WINAICO implement a seamless quality management system to document complete production flow. Their key goal is to ensure that every PV system provides maximum performance on your roof for decades, making your investment worthwhile.

This strict quality management system enables WINAICO to produce quality products, consistently. They place great importance on 100% quality control throughout the entire process chain, ranging from material procurement, production, operation and maintenance by their specialist partners.

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