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About LG Chem RESU

The LG solar battery, named LG Chem, is a Residential Energy Storage Unit or RESU, designed to store excess solar energy. Intended to tie in with a grid connected solar system, LG Chem helps homeowners increase self-consumption and electricity savings. There are two LEG Chem systems to choose from, the RESU7H (6.6kWh capacity) and RESU10H models (9.3kWh storage capacity), which use 400V power.

LG Chem RESUs are warrantied to retain at least 60% of their nominal capacity for 10 years, and have higher power rating than the majority of equivalent battery systems. All batteries in LG Chem RESU line-up are suitable for on-grid and off-grid use.

How Does LG Chem RESU Work?

LG Chem RESUs are lithium-ion based batteries constructed using the lamination and stacking method. Unlike Powerwall which uses the cylinder method (which results in space between stacks), or the folding method, the cells in LG Chem RESUs are cut into sheets and stacked on top of each other.

Not only does this method eliminate dead space and minimise distortion, it also contributes to energy density and longer life of your battery. In order for your LG Chem RESU to connect with a solar PV system, you’ll need to invest in a hybrid or battery and string inverter.

Benefits of LG Chem RESU

Light and Compact

With an average weight of 85kg, not only are LG RESUs much lighter than the competition (Powerwall 2 at 120kg and Fronius at an average of 108kg) they are also much more compact, making them a great choice if you are short on space.


As LG Chem RESUs rely on the natural process of convection to remove heat, they have no requirement for a fan and are therefore almost completely silent.

Maintenance Free

Like the majority of high quality solar battery systems available today, RESUs require almost no maintenance.

Cons of LG Chem RESU:

Like all the solar batteries available on the market today, LG RESUs do not come cheap and have substantial energy payback periods.

Technical Specifications – 400 Volt Systems:


Total Energy 7.0kWh
Usable Energy 6.6kWh
Capacity 63Ah
Voltage Range 350 – 450V
Max Power 3.5kW
Peak Power (for 3 sec) 5.0kW
Dimension (W x H x D) 744 x 692 x 206mm
Weight 76kg
Enclosure Protection Rating 1P55 (Indoor and Outdoor)
Communication RS485


Total Energy 9.8kWh
Usable Energy 9.3kWh
Capacity 63Ah
Voltage Range 350 – 450V or 385 – 550V
Max Power 5.0kW
Peak Power (for 3 sec) 7.0kW
Dimension (W x H x D) 744 x 907 x 206mm
Weight 97kg or 99.8kg
Enclosure Protection Rating 1P55
Communication RS485 or CAN 2.0 B

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