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Tesla Powerwall 2 FAQs

Powerwall FAQs – General


Q. What is Powerwall 2?

Tesla Powerwall 2 is a cutting edge lithium ion battery system that allows you to store excess solar energy during the day and use it at night.  Ideal for residential and light commercial use, Powerwall 2 provides backup power in the event of a blackout, and can help you to achieve a more independent energy lifestyle.

Q. What does a Powerwall 2 contain?

Lithium ion batteries, liquid thermal control system, a DC/DC converter, and a battery management system.

Q. What are the measurements and weight of Powerwall 2?

Powerwall 2 measures 1150 mm (L) x 755 mm (W) x 155 mm (H), and weighs approximately 125kg.

Q. How loud is Powerwall?

The only parts of Powerwall 2 that produce noise are its pump and a small fan, which makes up part of Powerwall’s cooling system. At just <50Db, it’s comparative to bird calls or a quiet conversation.

Q. Where are Powerwalls built?

Powerwalls are built in in Nevada, USA at the Tesla Gigafactory.

Q. What financing is available when purchasing a Powerwall 2?

Infinite Energy can offer assistance through our third party providers.

Q. How much will Powerwall 2 cut down my electricity bill? What is the normal payback period?

Your savings will depend on a number of factors including your location and electricity rate. For more specific details, please contact us!

Q. Do I need any additional equipment for my Powerwall 2 to run?

Yes, a battery inverter (SMA, Fronius or SolarEdge) to convert DC power (provided by Powerwall) to AC power (which your appliances run on), as well as general conductors and cables to connect Powerwall to the inverter.

Q. What makes Powerwall 2 superior to other batteries?

Tesla’s unmatched expertise and knowledge of lithium ion batteries makes Powerwall 2 the safest and highest performing battery on the market. Easy to set up and install, Powerwall 2 requires no ongoing maintenance or servicing, meaning all you have to do is sit back, relax and start using your excess solar energy! Powerwall 2 offers 13.5kWh of usable capacity, and comes with an in-built inverter. This allows Powerwall 2 to convert DC power to AC power internally, getting rid of the need for an extra hybrid inverter. This will result in lower installation costs and a much easier installation process.  


Powerwall 2 FAQs – Usage


Q. Are PV/Solar essential for Powerwalls?

Not at all! Powerwall can be charged using AC power from the grid or a generator. If you don’t have PV, Powerwall can be used for load shifting or backup power.

Q. Can Powerwall 2 store my surplus solar energy?

Yes, Powerwall 2 is ideal for storing surplus solar energy to use at a later time.

Q. If there’s a blackout, will I be able to use my PV and Powerwall?

Yes, as long as you’ve paired your Powerwall with a Tesla approved inverter with back up functionality, and have designed your system to be off-grid capable. This includes the installation of additional components in your switchboard.

Q. Does a Powerwall allow me to be totally off-grid?

While Powerwall has the functionality to allow users to operate totally off-grid, it depends entirely on how your individual system is configured. Additional components and costs will apply.

Q. Is it possible to sell my stored energy back to my primary energy provider?

While Powerwall permits this, it will depend on whether your local electricity retailer allows you to export stored energy back to the grid.

Q. Can I link several Powerwalls to boost my energy & power output?

Currently, no. However, future Powerwall models will come equipped to support the integration of two or more Powerwalls and two inverters.

Q. Do Powerwalls have Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) functionality? Is there a changeover period to Powerwall in the event of a blackout?

Our approved inverters do not currently support UPS functionality. The changeover period to Powerwall in the event of a blackout is one second.


Powerwall FAQs – Inverter/Additional hardware


Q. What inverters are compatible with Powerwall 2?

Powerwall is currently compatible with specific inverters manufactured by SMA, SolarEdge and Fronius.

Q. Can I use any other inverter not in the list of Tesla Inverter recommendations?

No. To ensure maximum productivity and ease of installation, Powerwall is only compatible with inverters approved by Tesla. Using an inverter that is not approved will void your warranty with Tesla.

Q. Can Powerwall 2 be integrated to my current PV installation, or do I need to invest in a new PV system?

Powerwall can be integrated with existing and new PV installations. However, it’s likely you’ll need a battery inverter in addition to your existing solar inverter.


Powerwall 2 FAQs – Installation


Q. Is wall mounting the Powerwall 2 essential?

Powerwall has been designed to be wall mounted on almost all surfaces, as long as the wall can support its weight. It can also be mounted on the floor. 

Q. How long does installation take?

Installation time depends on a number of factors, including whether or not you’re installing a PV. For more information and an accurate estimate, simply gives us a call.

Q. Do I need to organise additional power requirements before installing a Powerwall 2?

Before installing your Powerwall, you’ll need a circuit breaker to be added to your home’s main breaker panel. As part of the installation process, Infinite Energy will fit a circuit breaker. If you’ve chosen a SolarEdge inverter, an additional backup load panel is required.

Q. Where is the best place for Powerwall to be installed?

Powerwall can be installed both indoors or outdoors, as long as there is at least 300mm of clearance above and below; and 100mm on either side. The garage is the most convenient and popular option.


Powerwall FAQs – Operation & Software Control


Q. How is Powerwall 2 charged and discharged?

Your inverter will communicate with Powerwall 2 to regulate when to charge and discharge. Based on this, Powerwall’s on-board Battery Management System will then control charging/discharging.

Q. How can I check the status of my Powerwall

Seamlessly monitor and automatically
manage your Powerwall, solar panels,
Model S or X with the Tesla App.

You can seamlessly monitor and automatically check the status of your Powerwall, solar panels, Model S or X with the Tesla App.   

Q. Which control modes can I program?

For the majority of inverters, elementary control modes such as “Maximize self-consumption of PV”, or “Perform energy arbitrage according to a specified schedule” can be easily programmed.

Q. Can I remotely adjust my inverter?

Yes, approved SMA, SolarEdge & Fronius inverters can be controlled remotely through an easy to use monitoring system.

Q. Can Powerwall software be updated remotely?

Yes, this is called ‘over the air updates’ and is achieved by using your inverter’s internet connection.


Powerwall 2 FAQs – Safety and Environmental


Q. How safe is Powerwall 2?

Powerwall is completely safe. Thanks to a highly sophisticated Battery Management System and liquid thermal control system, Powerwall’s lithium batteries will always function in a safe manner. In addition, Powerwall has been tested and certified to meet local market safety standards.

Q. Are Powerwalls recyclable?

Yes. Once a Powerwall has reached the end of its life, Tesla will accept it for recycling back at the Gigafactory.

Q. Does Powerwall have any fire hazards?

Under normal operations, Powerall does not pose a fire hazard.


Powerwall 2 FAQs – Maintenance & Reliability


Q. How often does my Powerwall 2 need to be serviced?

Due to its state of the art design, Powerwall 2 does not require maintenance or servicing.

Q. Who do I go to if I require servicing or troubleshooting assistance?

Infinite Energy and/or Tesla will provide assistance, depending on the nature of the service needed.

Q. How long is my Powerwall warrantied for?

Powerwall 2 comes with a 10 year limited warranty, which includes defects in parts and workmanship, as well as at least 60% energy retention after 10 years.

Q. How long will my Powerwall 2 continue to work for after its warranty has expired?

The amount of time Powerwall will keep working for past its 10-year warranty depends on a number of factors, including type of operation and environmental conditions.

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