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sonnenBatterie FAQs

sonnenBatterie FAQs – General


Q. What is sonnenBatterie?

Built in Germany, the sonnenBatterie is an intelligent storage system designed to store excess solar electricity and automatically adapt the electricity usage in your household to maximise energy independence.

Q. What does a sonnenBatterie contain?

Sonnen solar batteries are built using lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. Commonly used in smartphones, laptops and electric cars, lithium iron phosphate batteries are dependable, safe and proven to perform.

Q. What are the measurements and weight of sonnenBatteries?

Battery Dimension (W x H x D) Weight
2kWh to 8kWh 66 x 130 x 36cm 71kg to 162kg
10kWh to 16kWh 66 x 180 x 36mm 187kg to 273kg

Q. Where are sonnenBatteries built?

sonnenBatteries are built in Germany.

Q. What financing is available when purchasing a sonnenBatterie?

Infinite Energy can offer assistance through our third-party providers.

Q. How much will sonnenBatteries cut down my electricity bill? What is the normal payback period?

Your savings will depend on a number of factors including your location and electricity rate. For more specific details, please contact us.


sonnenBatterie FAQs – Usage


Q. Are PV/Solar essential for sonnenBatteries?

Not at all. sonnenBatteries can be charged using AC power from the grid or a generator. If you don’t have a solar PV system, SonnenBatteries can be used for load shifting or backup power.

Q. Can sonnenBatteries store my surplus solar energy?

Yes, sonnenBatteries are ideal for storing surplus solar energy to use at a later time.

Q. If there’s a blackout, will I be able to use my PV and sonnenBatterie?

Yes, your sonnenBatterie comes with emergency power backup. For more information, please contact us.

Q. Does a sonnenBatterie allow me to be totally off-grid?

Yes, sonnenBatteries have the functionality to allow users to operate totally off-grid. However, additional components and costs will apply. For more information on the factors you’ll need to consider before going off-grid, check out our blog post on the subject.

Q. Is it possible to sell my stored energy back to my primary energy provider?

While sonnenBatteries permit this, it will depend on whether your local electricity retailer allows you to export stored energy back to the grid.

Q. Can I link several sonnenBatteries to boost my energy & power output?

Yes. Sonnen batteries can store 2kWh of electricity per unit, and can be expanded in blocks of 2kWh up to 16kW, giving you superior flexibility than competing batteries.


SonnenBatterie FAQs – Inverter/Additional hardware


Q. Do I need any additional equipment for my sonnenBatterie to run?

Because Sonnen solar batteries are AC coupled and come with a built-in battery inverter, they can be easily retrofit with existing solar PV systems.


sonnenBatterie FAQs – Installation


Q. How long does installation take?

Installation of sonnenBatteries is quick and easy, and should not take more than a few hours.

Q. Where is the best place for sonnenBatterie to be installed?

sonnenBatteries are rated for indoor installation. We recommend installing sonnenBatteries in a well-ventilated garage.


sonnenBatterie FAQs – Operation & Software Control


Q. How is sonnenBatterie charged and discharged?

Your inverter will communicate with sonnenBatteries to regulate when to charge and discharge. Based on this, sonnenBatteries on-board Battery Management System will then control charging/discharging.

Q. How can I check the status of my sonnenBatterie?

The sonnenApp allows you to check your energy usage and production anytime, anywhere. Giving you the capability to easily monitor, analyse and control the supply and demand of your household, the sonnenApp allows you to take complete control of your energy usage.


sonnenBatterie FAQs – Safety and Environmental


Q. How safe is sonnenBatterie?

Offering a greater longevity and higher safety than most other lithium-ion batteries, lithium iron phosphate also stands out as the only battery component that occurs naturally and does not contain any toxic heavy metals.

Q. Are sonnenBatteries recyclable?


Q. Does sonnenBatteries have any fire hazards?

Under normal operations, sonnenBatteries do not pose a fire hazard.


sonnenBatterie FAQs – Maintenance & Reliability


Q. How often does my sonnenBatterie need to be serviced?

Due to its innovative design, sonnenBatteries do not require maintenance or servicing.

Q. Who do I go to if I require servicing or troubleshooting assistance?

Infinite Energy and/or sonnen will provide assistance, depending on the nature of the service needed.

Q. How long is my sonnenBatterie warrantied for?

All sonnenBatteries come with a 10-year warranty.

Q. How long will my sonnenBatterie continue to work for after its warranty has expired?

sonnenBatteries have been designed for a battery service life of 20 years.

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