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Electricity bill checklist

There are many factors which can effect your electricity bill. Some of the most common reasons why your bill may be higher than expected are:

1. Estimated meter reads vs actual reads 

If your previous bill was an ‘Estimated reading’ and your new bill is based on an actual read, there may be a variation on the bill to account for the difference between the estimated and actual readings. If you used more energy than was estimated, the additional energy usage will be included on your new bill, resulting a higher than usual bill. To find out if your bill is an estimated reading, look for ‘Estimated reading’ written on your bill. If it doesn’t have this statement, your bill is based on an actual meter reading.

2. Has your meter recently been changed

If you had an old analogue meter before you your solar system was installed, then your meter will have been changed to the new bi-directional meter. This can sometimes cause a change in bill amount as your old meter may have been faulty.

3. Changes in your energy use due to weather

During extreme hot or cold weather, the heating and cooling systems in your house will have to work harder to keep the temperature at a comfortable level, resulting in higher energy bills.

4. Number of appliances in use

New appliances recently installed could be using more energy.  Old or faulty appliances can use up more energy than well maintained ones.

5. Changes to your household size

If the amount of people living in your home has increased, or the amount of time spent in your home has increased, your energy usage will also have increased.

6. Check your meter number is correct

If your meter has been changed recently it can be a good idea to check that the meter number printed on your bill is the same as the meter at your house.

7. Check how many days are in the billing period

If you have changed your billing period from monthly to quarterly then your bill would be higher to reflect the increased  number of days billed.


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