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Support FAQ’s

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Your solar system will turn off at night as there is not enough sunlight to sustain operation. Once the solar radiation is high enough the inverter will start to operate automatically again each morning – it will start off with a self test before feeding the grid with electricity. It is completely normal for inverters to turn off when no power is being produced (i.e. at night).

Your inverter will automatically shut itself off within a few seconds of a blackout, this is a safety feature to avoid the potential of a dangerous “brown-out” in your home and to prevent back feeding into the grid. Therefore even though you have a solar system during a blackout you will not have power available.

Please see our handy checklist which lists the most common reasons why your bill may be higher than you expected.

Please note, your electricity retailer cannot tell you how much power your system has produced, they can only tell you how much power you have bought from and sold back to the grid. They cannot determine/see how much of the power from your system has been used in your home.

Check the solar supply main switch in the switchboard is on – turn it on if it is off

Follow the shut down procedure;

1. Turn off the AC ISOLATOR adjacent/below the inverter.
2. Turn off all “PV ARRAY DC ISOLATOR(S)” located adjacent/below the inverter.
3. Wait for the inverter to turn off – this can take up to 20 seconds.

Follow the start up procedure;

1. Turn on all “PV ARRAY DC ISOLATOR(S)” located adjacent/below the inverter
2. Turn on the “AC ISOLATOR” adjacent/below the inverter

If your system is still showing an error, please contact us.

  • Please check the data from your inverter against our production checker to determine if your system production is where it should be.
  • Please note you cannot obtain this information from your bill. Your bill only tells you how much power you have bought from and sold to the grid, not how much power your system has produced.
  • If your system production is down, it’s likely to be the result of either;
  • Bad weather/a change of season i.e less sunlight reaching your panels
  • Dirty panels – click here for advice on cleaning your panels
  • Damaged panels – if you think your panels have been damaged, please contact us
  • Shading from neighbouring buildings, trees or other structures
  • An inverter fault – please see answer for question above

Please see our comprehensive pages on reading your meter; for WA click here, for Qld click here.

Please click here to be taken to our warranty page where you can download all warranty documentation.

As warranties are unique to each manufacturer, please contact Infinite Energy for more information on extending your inverter warranty.

For general warranty information, please click here.

Please see our dedicated cleaning your solar panels blog for information

An annual inspection & maintenance check of your system is recommended. To book your maintenance check and for more general maintenance information please click here.

Short answer, yes. Check out our extended guide dedicated to solar panels and cloudy days.

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