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10 Questions to ask a Solar company

This will assist you in making the right decision in selecting the solar company to install your solar system.


Question 1

Does the company sell products from manufacturers who have a significant presence in Australia?

It will be very difficult to make a warranty claim against a
manufacturer if they have no presence in Australia.


Infinite Energy only uses panels from manufacturers who have a significant presence in Australia. 


Question 2

Are the solar panels supplied and branded by a large reputable manufacturer?

Be aware of “self branded” panels. You have no way of doing any research on the manufacturer, their process, or quality control. This is often a way of dressing up inferior products. Choose panels from large well known manufacturers where there is an abundance of information (& scrutiny) available. 


Infinite Energy only uses panels from large international manufacturers. 


Question 3

Do all the products that make up the system (panel manufacturer, inverter manufacturer, mounting system manufacturer) have a website and is information about them freely available on the Internet?

Be very skeptical about providers where there is little or no
information about their company & products.


Infinite Energy only use products from large international manufacturers.


Question 4

What panel mounting system will be used on my roof and are all the parts corrosion resistant aluminium or stainless steel?

The mounting system is a critical component of a solar system that is ofter overlooked when choosing a system – it should secure the panels  for the life of the system. Inferior mounting systems can pose a serious safety issue as time progresses.


Infinite Energy only uses top of the range mounting components which are corrosion resistant aluminium and are backed by a 10 year warranty.

Question 5

What electrical cables will be used in the system?

This is very important but an area where many solar companies will cut corners by using 2.5mm cable or a 4mm AC cable (not DC cable). This can be a safety issue and greatly affect performance of the system.


Infinite Energy uses DC manufacturer labeled cable from the array to the inverter location. 4mm earth cable from array to the main earth neutral link.

Question 6

Does the solar company have a physical office in Australia that you can visit?

Be aware of “back yard operators” who work from home and only use a PO Box address. Also be aware of companies who conduct telephone / web based sales without a presence in Australia. Will these companies be around for servicing or warranty issues in the long term?


Infinite Energy has offices in South Perth – Western Australia and in Murarrie – Queensland which customers are welcome to visit.


Question 7

Will the solar company visit your home and provide a no-pressure consultation?

Buying a solar system is a significant investment and shouldn’t be rushed. Be skeptical of any company offering “today only” deals. Quality systems from reputable companies will be available tomorrow. Be equally skeptical of a company that wont visit you home prior to sale. Ask yourself how they will resolve any issues after you’ve installed a system.


Infinite Energy pride ourselves on our consultative approach. We’ll visit your home to help you get the best system for you in a time frame that suits you. 

Question 8

Does the solar company run a significant operation with a dedicated in-house team to deal with any issues pre or post sale?

Many companies have started selling solar systems over the phone and internet with no local support where anything could go wrong. They will often just subcontract your job to any electrician willing to do the job for the cheapest price who has no stake in the outcome of the job.



Infinite Energy has offices in WA and Queensland which customers are welcome to visit. We have a
dedicated operations team who handle warranty issues and after sales service. 

Question 9

Can the solar company give you accurate production estimates including financial projections such as return on investments and payback periods?

Be skeptical about nice rounded production estimates like “the system will produce 8 units a day”


Infinite Energy uses industry recognised modeling tools using local meteorological data to provide production estimates so you can make an informed decision. 


Question 10

Does the solar company provide on-site after sales service?

Purchasing a solar panel system is a significant financial investment which will only pay off if the system produces as it should. Ask how the solar company ensures this happens after installation. Also ask if they provide on-site issue resolution of any problems.


Infinite Energy scheduled follow up visits for all our customers to ensure the system is producing as it should. We also have a 36 hour on-site issue resolution policy. 

And Finally

Is the solar consultant knowledgeable and confident in answering questions (including these) about the system they are recommending? 


All of Infinite Energy’s solar consultants are highly trained in recommending the best system to suit your needs. We don’t just sell standard systems but will tailor a solution for you.


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