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Don’t Let Your Business Get Left Behind Electric Vehicles are Here to Stay

While EV’s may seem like a new technology, a staggering 50% of all current EV’s on the road today were sold in 2015 alone. This quick uptake is only expected to increase thanks to EV’s lower upfront, running and ongoing costs when compared to petrol/diesel vehicles.

Infinite Energy now offers Electric Vehicle Chargers designed for private, commercial and public use. We can help you decide which EV Charger is best for your needs, design you a fully customised solution for your site, and install your new EV Charger(s) with minimal fuss.

How Infinite Energy Can Help Your Business/Strata

  • Offer existing customers an added level of convenience
  • Draw new customers to dine/shop/stay at your premises instead of a competitors
  • Attract and retain high quality staff
  • Appeal to and help retain high value, sustainably-minded residents

Installing EV Chargers at Your Premises Can be Done in Just Four Steps:

Step 1

Infinite Energy’s will evaluate the feasibility of installing EV Chargers at your business/property.

Step 2

Infinite Energy will put together a customised quote. If you’re happy to go ahead, an installation date time will be agreed upon.

Step 3

Infinite Energy will install your new EV Chargers, and demonstrate how the charging station operates.

Step 4

Infinite Energy will provide support and billing functions as required.

Enquire About EV Chargers for Your Business

Wallpod: EV HomeCharge (Type 1 & 2)


Compatible with every Electric Vehicle on the market today, WallPod: EV HomeCharge delivers fast full Mode 3 charging. Highly reliable, WallPod: EV HomeCharge is one of the most affordable entry-level home charging units available.

Wallpod: EV Commercial Charge

ev commercial charge

Designed specifically for use in workplace and commercial locations, WallPod: EV CommercialCharge is a low cost yet incredibly hard wearing and impact resistant commercial EV Charger.

BasicCharge: EV Pedestal

ev pedestal

One of the most affordable and adaptable EV Charging Pedestals on the market, it’s no surprise BasicCharge: EV Pedestal’s predecessor sold over 100,000 units worldwide.

SecuriCharge: EV Wall Unit (2way version)

wev wallunit

SecuriCharge: EV Wall Unit has been designed specifically for use in public, exposed locations, Heavy duty yet discreet, SecuriCharge: EV Wall Unit is also vandal resistant.

Ev Box: BusinessLine


EV-Box – BusinessLine has been designed for installation at businesses, municipalities and major public charging networks. A global leader in EV charging infrastructure, choosing EV-Box guarantees quality and peace of mind.

Partners & Sponsorships

Approved RetailerClean Energy Council
Tesla Energy
Premier PartnerSunpower

Brands We Carry

ABB Fronius SOLAREDGESunPower Midea Apricus SMA

Partners & Sponsorships

Approved RetailerClean Energy Council
Authorised ResellerTesla Energy
Premier PartnerSunpower

Brands We Carry

ABB Fronius SOLAREDGESunPower Midea Apricus SMA

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