Meet the Infinite Energy Team: Megan & Danielle - Residential Project Delivery Team | Infinite Energy

Meet the Infinite Energy Team: Megan & Danielle – Residential Project Delivery Team

Meet the Infinite Energy Team: Megan & Danielle - Residential Project Delivery Team

Written by Infinite Energy

Our staff are what makes Infinite Energy great! With a passion for renewable energy, innovation and quality, our team are dedicated to helping Australian households and businesses achieve better energy independence.

In this month’s staff profile, we chat to Megan and Danielle from our Residential Project Delivery team.

1. Could you please explain what your role is and your general day-to-day activities…

As a part of the residential projects team, our role is to guide our clients through the exciting process of having their new solar PV and/or battery system installed and assisting with the expansion to their existing system. Each system sold is unique to each clients’ needs and desires, and as a team, we ensure their experience with Infinite Energy is beyond industry standards.


2. What do you love about your role?

We love being able to provide our clients with exceptional customer service and hearing how excited they are to reap the benefits of their new solar PV and/or battery system. Every day we get the pleasure of speaking with many of our clients and assist them with something which their whole household can benefit from.


3. What challenges do you face and how do you overcome these?

The installation is dependent on the weather to ensure that the safety of our installation teams remains the forefront of our core company values. Unfortunately, this means that some of our installations are unable to be completed in the allocated timeframe and will require to be re-scheduled to another suitable time. We do our best to monitor the weather forecast and allocate enough time for the installation to be completed, however cannot always guarantee that there will not be re-schedules or cancellations. This is difficult for us as we do not want to let our clients’ down or disappoint anyone.


4. What are some of the most common misconceptions customers have about their installation and the process involved?

We require our clients to be home for the installation, to provide access for the installers, sign off on paperwork and receive a brief explanation on how the system works and operates at the end of the install. This also allows our clients to ask our team questions or specific requests that they may have during the day.


5. What skills have you learnt throughout your time at Infinite Energy?

As a two-person team, we have learnt the importance of teamwork within our fast-paced and busy role. We share our duties evenly between each other and provide each other with support and assistance where required, to ensure jobs move through the application and pre-booking process in a timely manner so that our clients receive a booking date for their installation as quickly as possible.

Teamwork is a crucial part of what we do each day, and we are grateful to have learnt more about this skill together.


6. Have your previous roles been similar to your current role at Infinite Energy?

We have both worked in customer service and administration-based roles since finishing school, however neither of us had been a part of a solar company before.

Our previous roles were always varied, fast paced and customer focused so having this background has given us both the foundations we require for our current role.


7. One of our core values is culture. What does culture mean to you and how do you think Infinite Energy incorporates culture into their workplace?

We believe work culture is a key part of how a business functions and operates.  

Infinite Energy incorporates an enthusiastic and positive work culture, where each role is a crucial part of the company, and the individual is valued. The team dynamics are positive and encouraging, which we believe enables us to achieve great results and satisfied clients.

And on a more personal note…

8. When travel restrictions are lifted, where is the first place you want to go?

Megan: I would love to go back to America…San Diego is one of my favourite places in the world.

Danielle: The Maldives…a pina colada in hand and a great suntan!

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