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Discover how an Infinite Energy system can pay for itself within 5 years!


Infinite Energy Only Offers World-Class Products

Infinite Energy only offers quality solar components from Tier 1 manufacturers with an established Australian business subsidiary. This guarantees, by law, any service and support is handled locally, rather than overseas. Based on our own rigorous in-house testing, as well as third-party testing, we are able to confidently recommend products which will continue to perform at a consistently high level, maximising your electricity savings both now, and well into the future!


Our Panels are to Proven to Perform

Infinite Energy owns and operates one of WA’s largest solar panel testing facilities at our South Perth office. Here, we test the world’s best solar panels and inverters for efficiency and durability in Australian conditions.

We use this insight to weed out inferior panels, and only select the very best panels for our clients, including SunPower, WINAICO and Canadian Solar.

solar test facility

Our Solar Inverters are Made to Last

A quality inverter is essential for a solar PV system to perform at a high level. Lying at the heart of your system, an inverter is responsible for converting the DC electricity produced by your solar panels into the AC electricity your home uses.

Infinite Energy only supplies inverters with tested and proven performance in Australian conditions, which also have a minimum five-year manufacturer warranty from companies with a significant presence in Australia, including Fronius, SolarEdge and SMA. 

solar inverters

Access to the Latest Technologies

Infinite Energy is an authorised Tesla Energy reseller, successfully completing WA’s first Powerwall installation. The battery, which comprises of the same lithium ion technology that is used in Tesla’s electric vehicles, is completely automated, easy to install, and requires no maintenance.

Infinite Energy will be selling Powerwall 2 when it hits Australian shores in 2017.

tesla battery

We Customise Your System to Suit Your Energy Needs

If there are only two people living in your home, and your power bill is less than $100 a month, then purchasing a large 5kW solar system will not be the best option for you to maximise your solar investment return. In this case, a smaller system with output more closely matching your energy use would be a much better investment.

Before we even start talking about products, we first audit your household’s energy requirements. By doing this we can recommend a system size which best matches your household’s energy requirements, and will provide you with the best return on your investment, not to mention great electricity savings!

home electricity usage

Let's see how perfect solar is for you!

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