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EV Charging for Commercial Use

Electric Vehicles

With more than half of all current Electric Vehicles being sold in 2015, the uptake of EVs in the market place is expected to be swift. Together with JET Charge, Infinite Energy is committed to creating a more sustainable Australia, rolling out Electric Vehicles Charging Solutions across the country.

Why Install a Commercial EV Charger?

Installing an EV Charging Station at your business or workplace can be a fantastic marketing tool. It will show both prospective customers and employees that your business is eco-friendly, sustainable and technologically savvy. These factors can attract and help retain customers and employees, who often make a point to search for businesses with values that mirror their own, and that offer an added level of convenience.

EV Chargers for Retail/Hospitality

EV users select their destinations based on the availability of EV Chargers. Installing an EV Charger Station at your complex could be the reason a customer chooses to visit and spend money at your facility, rather than at a competitors. EV Chargers can also increase linger times of up to 45 minutes, leading to more business for your tenants. For example, while formerly a customer may have just dropped in to send a letter, they will be inclined to stay longer, making additional purchases or enjoying a meal/coffee. If you choose to charge customers to use your chargers, this can create an additional revenue stream for your business.

EV Chargers for Small Business

Infinite Energy offers the best value EV Charging solutions for small businesses, which are easy to install and require no ongoing maintenance. All of our installations are done through JET Charge, so you can be assured of an efficient and cost effective process.

EV Chargers for Corporate Use

Installing EV Charging Stations at your business can help attract and retain high-value employees. Infinite Energy can easily help you to create profiles for employees, allowing you to see when and how much specific users are charging.All of our commercial charging products have been designed with a sleek and modern finish, and can easily be branded to reflect your business.

EV Chargers for Fleet

At Infinite Energy, we believe EVs will soon become the norm for Corporate/Government fleets, due to their affordability, lower maintenance costs, and lack of greenhouse gas emissions. We can help fleet operators keep track of when drivers are charging, which cars have been charged and how long for, so routes can be planned far ahead of time. With JET Charge, Infinite Energy will help your ensure your fleet never wastes time at a petrol station again.

EV Chargers Recommended for Commercial Use          

For commercial use, Infinite Energy recommends BasicCharge: EV Pedestal, SecuriCharge: EV Wall Unit, WallPod: EV CommercialCharge, and EV-Box – BusinessLine.

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