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How we offer better rates for Business Electricity

Customised Tariffs for Every Business

Whereas most electricity providers take a blanket approach to setting electricity tariffs, Infinite Energy looks at your actual business electricity consumption profile to work out your business electricity rates – we do this for every client. With your permission (download form here), we can remotely extract the electricity consumption data from your on site electricity meter. Then, using sophisticated software we are able to analyse the data and determine if we can offer you a cheaper tariff.

We are also able to be flexible in designing customised tariffs which reward your particular consumption profile. This is how we can give you the best business electricity rates on the market.

We Provide Energy Efficiency Advice

Unlike other electricity providers, we encourage you to consume less electricity.


  • For a start it saves you money.
  • Secondly, it’s good for the environment.
  • Thirdly, at certain times wholesale energy prices are high. If you can use less
    at these times we can share that benefit with you. 

We Assess Your Suitability for On Site Solar Power

It is well known that a Solar PV system can save a business money by reducing the amount of electricity it needs to purchase from the grid. What is less well known is that installing solar can make those units of grid supplied electricity cheaper.


Because an on-site Solar PV system generates electricity at times where the wholesale electricity price is high. The avoidance of some of these higher energy costs allows us to provide lower tariffs.

A Solar PV can also assist by producing electricity at times of “network peak”. This can reduce costs to us which again we can pass through via reduced tariffs.

We can also advise if the installation of a Solar PV system or implementing energy efficiency measures can also bring down your tariff rate (further reducing your business electricity rates).

Infinite Energy is Australia’s largest installer of Commercial Solar Power.

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