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Business Electricity FAQs

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No, there will be no change in the physical supply of your electricity. Western Power will retain responsibility for the quality, safety and reliability of your electricity supply.

Infinite Energy looks at every client and their electricity consumption profile individually. With your permission, we can remotely extract the electricity consumption data from your on-site electricity meter. Then, using sophisticated software we are able to analyse the data and determine if we can offer you a cheaper tariff.

We are also able to be flexible in designing customised tariffs which reward your particular electricity consumption profile. We can also advise if the installation of a Solar PV system or implementing energy efficiency measures can also bring down your tariff rate (in addition reducing the amount of electricity you need to purchase).

Infinite Energy procures electricity via the Wholesale Electricity Market.

In the vast majority of cases Western Power will not have to interrupt power supply to enable the switch.

We’ve assembled some tips designed to help you reduce your business electricity costs. Read our extended guide here.

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