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Fully customised business electricity plans

Infinite Energy has Electricity Plans for all types of businesses in Perth and South West WA.

Unlike other WA Business electricity providers who have fixed, inflexible tariffs and a “one size fits all approach”, Infinite Energy will work with you to determine a tariff structure that best suits your business and its electricity consumption profile.

Some examples of our tariff options:

  1. Standard Gazetted Tariff Minus X%
    This tariff locks in a set discount for your business each year.
  2. Fixed Tariff Price For The Life Of The Contract
    If you’d like complete certainty on the price of electricity for your business.
  3. Tariff Price linked To CPI or Fixed Percentage
    Know with certainty that your electricity price will only rise by CPI over the course of your contract.
  4. Other customised options
    If you have any other requirements, we can work with you to design a tariff that’s right for your business.

Further options that can be paired with any of the above options:

  1. Discounted Rates with Usage Capping
    If you know with certainty that your electricity usage won’t exceed a certain amount we may be able to give you further discounts on the above.
  2. Solar Feed In Tariffs
    Infinite Energy is one of Australia’s largest providers of Commercial Solar Power. Even if we didn’t install your solar power system we can offer you a significant feed-in tariff for the electricity you export to the grid.

If you’re interested in what goes into making up a Commercial Electricity Tariff in Western Australia you can find out here.

If you’d like to speak to our Commercial Electricity team on 1300 074 669 or email us about making the switch to one of our business electricity plans and start saving money.

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