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Why Infinite Energy for Commercial Energy

At Infinite Energy, we believe that an investment in renewable energy which takes advantage of one of our greatest natural resources in the sun is one of the best investments any business can make. We also believe that this is the way that Australian businesses can enjoy a competitive advantage globally over the decades ahead.

Infinite Energy was founded with the vision of helping Australian homes and businesses transition towards a more sustainable energy future.

We’ve grown rapidly since we were established as a family business in 2009 and now employ over 60 staff across Australia. 

Infinite Energy currently provides:

  • Retail Commercial Electricity
  • Retail Commercial Gas
  • Commercial Solar PV
  • Residential Solar PV
  • Embedded Networks
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers

We take a holistic approach to bring down energy costs for our clients and employ:

  • Energy efficiency and reduced consumption
  • Onsite generation through Solar PV
  • Load shifting
  • Monitoring & visualisation
  • Reduced energy tariffs

We speak your language

Whether it’s looking at investing in an onsite Solar PV system or switching to an alternative electricity tariff, our staff have years of experience across a diverse range of industries ranging from engineering to financial services and we utilise these skills to provide you with all the information and data you need to make an informed financial decision.

We’ve displayed a vast number of case studies on this site outlining how other businesses have reduced their operating costs through working with us and we’re only too happy to show you how we can assist your business as well.

You can find testimonials from satisfied customers here.

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