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Ancillary Benefits of Commercial Solar Systems

Commercial Solar Power systems deliver benefits in many forms, in addition to being a great financial investment.

Reduced Energy Costs and Lower Ongoing Business Risk

For businesses that consume electricity, the next five years provide significant uncertainty with the threat of continuing electricity price rises.  A Solar system allows a system owner to produce a portion of their own electricity requirements on site thus removing some of this uncertainty.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

A Solar System can help a business directly reduce carbon emissions. Electricity generated from a solar system produces no carbon emissions. The fact that it is generated “on site” with no transmission losses means it offsets even more than it generates.

Reduced electricity tariffs

Installing a solar system can make your business more attractive to an electricity retailer.

A Solar System’s electricity production generally coincides with peak demand (and highest prices) on the wholesale electricity market. Thus your retailer has less electricity to purchase at premium rates. Retailers are also levied a fixed charge based on a business’s usage at the network’s peak demand points during the year. A Solar System can directly reduce that charge.

Based on the above the installation of a system may allow a business to negotiate a better tariff (from their existing retailer or a new retailer) on the electricity that it does purchase. Infinite Energy can assist with this process.

Roof Shading leading to decreased internal cooling costs

A 2011 study at the University of California, San Diego demonstrated that daytime ceiling temperatures under a solar panel arrays were up to 2.5 degrees cooler than under an exposed roof. It also showed at night the conditions reversed and the ceiling under the PV arrays was warmer than for the exposed roof indicating insulating properties of solar panels.*

This has the potential to reduce air-conditioning and heating costs.

* Source: Effects of solar photovoltaic panels on roof heat transfer, Anthony Domingueza, Jan Kleissla, , Jeffrey C. Luvallb, University of California, San Diego, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, USA Available at:

Stunning visual statement as to an organisation’s environmental credentials

A well designed quality Commercial Solar System can make a strong visual statement as to a business’s environment credentials and not just on the exterior of the building.

Infinite Energy’s state of the art monitoring and visualisation suite can dramatically demonstrate the environmental and cost benefits of a solar system at multiple points within the building. It can also be integrated into the company’s website.

Competitive advantage

In a competitive business environment one thing is certain, companies will seek to exploit every opportunity to enhance their competitive advantage.

It is highly likely your competitors will soon be taking advantage of the benefits provided by a Solar System and lowering their energy costs.

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