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Energy Monitoring Solutions

Infinite Energy has a range of Energy Monitoring Solutions that can track and report all aspect’s of a businesses energy consumption such as:

  • Electricity Consumption from the grid
  • Electricity Consumption from on-site generation sources such as solar
  • Solar System Production
  • Natural Gas Consumption
  • Water Consumption

Real Time

All this data is visualised and displayed on-line in real time allowing you to make active decisions based on your energy profile.

SMA System Monitoring

Multiple Display Points

Your visualised data can be shared in real time through a variety of display points:

  • Online via a PC / Mac / Tablet
  • In common areas for staff via LCD display
  • In reception or other public areas to demonstrate your organisation’s enviromental credentials.
  • On your website
Green Sense System Monitoring

Solar Production Monitoring and Validation

If you invest in a Commercial Solar Power system you want to make sure the system is operating at all times and performing in line with expectations.

All Infinite Energy systems come with an on-line monitoring solution which allows real time remote monitoring and reporting.

Infinite Energy’s Energy Monitoring Solutions are available to both Solar and non-Solar clients. Contact us today for a demonstration and how an Energy Monitoring Solution can add real value to you business.

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