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How Solar Works for Business

Installing a Commercial Solar system in a business works in conjunction with your existing grid electricity supply. The electricity generated by your Commercial solar power system directly offsets the amount of electricity you need to purchase from your electricity retailer, thus reducing your electricity bill.

When your solar system is producing electricity this is consumed on the premises and any shortfall is seemlessly provided by the grid. Conversely, any excess is sent out to the grid (depending on where you are and your retailer you may or may not receive a payment for this). A new “Bi-Directional” electricity meter will be installed as part of the system and will keep track of this.

How Solar Works for Commercial

Offsetting your Electricity Purchases

Every unit of electricity your solar power system produces that you consume on-site directly reduces the electricity you need to purchase from your electricity retailer. The value of this is determined by the rate you would have paid for that electricity (you can check how much you pay for daytime electricity on your electricity bill).


 The amount of your electricity that a solar power system can offset (as a percentage of your overall consumption) will depend on the size of the solar system you install and the amount of electricity you consume in daylight hours (ie when the solar system is producing electricity). Infinite Energy can provide you with detailed analysis on the most appropriate size of system based on:

  • Your available roof space
  • Your electricity consumption patterns
  • Your budget

As part of this Infinite Energy will also provide you with financial information to make an informed assessment on investing in a solar power system.

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