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Solar Lease and Nil capital outlay options


Infinite Energy offers Commercial Solar customers the option of a Solar Lease and other Nil Capital Outlay Options.

Solar Leasing

Infinite Energy has a number of options to allow businesses to install a solar system without the need for captial outlay.

A big feature of this option is that in many cases, the electricity cost savings generated by the solar system more than offset the lease payments for the system. This means that the “investment” involves no up front payment, can then be monthly cash flow positive from day one and then you own the system outright after 7 years.


“Solar Friendly” Lending Institutions

Infinite Energy has relationships with banks, finance companies and finance brokers who understand the solar proposition for businesses and have experience in providing finance on this type of asset. We would be happy to facilitate an introduction and provide information and support during the approvals process.

Your Existing Financing Relationships

Often the best way to finance a new asset is through your existing banking relationship. Infinite Energy can liase with your Business Banker in order to assist in raising funds for the installation of a solar system.

Infinite Energy can provide you with a customised financial projection based on your electricity usage, the roof at your premises, the size of solar system you’re considering and the financial options you might be considering. Contact one of our specialist Commercial Solar Consultants to arrange a no obligation assessment.

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