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NSW Local & State Government Solar PPAs

NSW Local & State Government Solar PPAs


Infinite Energy has been selected by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) and Local Government Procurement (LGP) to join a programme to deliver rooftop solar PV installations across a variety of public buildings and infrastructure across the State.

The programme sees Infinite Energy become a pre-qualified panel member for NSW Local Government Solar PPAs and NSW State Government Solar PPAs.

A Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) relieves the need for an organisation to provide any upfront capital to install a solar power system. Instead, Infinite Energy installs the system and retains full ownership and maintenance responsibilities for the life of the agreement so the customer simply purchases the energy generated by the system.

With our exceptional product offering, excellence in project management and extensive experience supplying over 10,000 homes, businesses and government facilities with solar solutions since 2009, Infinite Energy is equipped to provide Solar PPAs to a wide variety of government buildings including hospitals, schools, TAFEs, police stations, offices, correctional centres, courts, art facilities, treatment plants and administration buildings.


What is a PPA?


A Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) relieves the need for your organisation to provide any upfront capital in accessing the benefits of solar power. With an Infinite Energy Government Solar PPA, we take on full ownership and maintenance of the solar system on your roof (or ground mounted or solar car park).

You only purchase the electricity generated by the solar system at a rate that is often much cheaper than your current daytime energy rate.

When you also sign up with Infinite Energy for grid supplied electricity as well as a solar PPA, you will receive a single monthly bill for all your electricity.


The Key Benefits of Solar PPAs:

No Upfront Capital Costs

A Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) relieves the need for NSW local and state government facilities to provide any upfront capital to access the benefits of solar power. With a Solar PPA, Infinite Energy takes on full ownership and maintenance of the solar system for the length of the PPA agreement.

No Technology, Service or Operational risks

Infinite Energy will take care of all the operations and maintenance in relation to the solar system, meaning there are no fees associated with any maintenance or potential faults that may occur.

Electricity Price Certainty

A PPA will give NSW state and local government agencies certainty in relation to the price of electricity generated from the solar system for the life of the agreement.

Building Improvement and Green Ratings

A commercial scale solar power system can add significant value to government buildings. It can also greatly assist in achieving improved GreenStar and NABERS ratings.

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Electricity generated under a Solar PPA for NSW government agencies is generated on-site and has no carbon emissions.

Other Benefits of Solar

There are other benefits of installing a commercial solar:

  • Roof shading
  • Reduced peak demand changes which can lead to lower electricity tariffs
  • Green benefits for your organisation


How does a Government Solar PPA work?


As a pre-qualified solar photovoltaic (PV) PPA provider, Infinite Energy can assist NSW Local Government and NSW State Government agencies to navigate their solar electricity requirements.

New South Wales State Government agencies are able to selectively tender for the installation of rooftop solar PV installations. New South Wales Local Government agencies have the option to selectively tender or to bypass the tender process and directly choose a suitable company from the panel that meets their requirements.

As part of our commitment as a panel member, Infinite Energy performs a detailed assessment that looks at the government agency’s electricity consumption profile, available suitable roof space (or ground mount or solar car park opportunities) and internal electrical infrastructure. We then provide a recommendation in terms of the type of solar power system that would be suitable and the PPA tariff.

If the government agency chooses Infinite Energy as their preferred provider, we will project manage installation of the solar system to ensure the process for the agency is as simple as possible. Once installed, commissioned and producing electricity, the government agency is sent a monthly account for the electricity produced by the system.


If you would like to discuss how Infinite Energy can assist with your Local or State Government Solar PPA in New South Wales, contact us today.

Alternatively, you can find out more about the New South Wales Government PPA Tender selection by clicking here.

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