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40kW Commercial Solar PV System

A 40kW commercial solar PV system is one of our most popular sized systems. Many of our customers decide to increase the panel capacity to 40kW, whilst keeping the inverter capacity at 30kW, in order to increase their system’s efficiency. In WA, keeping the inverter capacity at (or below) 30kW has the advantage of a simpler, cheaper network connection process.

Quick Overview:


Average cost:

$42,000 – $71,000


Number of panels:

150 – 160

Power generated:

170 – 190 units per day


How much can I save?

$14,000 – $22,000 annually

Average payback period:

2 to 5 years


Suited to:

Businesses with a medium energy usage, who receive annual bills of around $20,000.

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40kW Solar System 40kW Solar System 40kW Solar System


How much does a 40kW commercial solar PV system cost?

A 40kW solar PV system comprised of quality components costs anywhere between $42,000 – $71,000. The cost will depend on the brands you select for your solar system.

How big is a 40kW commercial solar PV system?

A 10kW solar system has around 150 to 160 panels. Each panel measures around 1.6m x 1m, so you’ll need at least 256m2 of roof space.

How much power does a 40kW commercial solar PV systemgenerate?

On average, a 40kW solar system generates 170 to 190 units per day. For a medium sized manufacturing facility like Australian Safety Engineers, this covers over 40% of their electricity consumption.

How much can a 40kW commercial solar PV system save me?

How much money you get back from your solar system will depend on how much electricity you’re able to utilise at your business. Operating at 73% utilisation, Joseph Banks Aged Care’s 40kW solar PV system will them $16,200 annually.

If you’re able to utilise even more of the solar energy your system generates, this figure could be even higher. 

What’s the average payback period for a 40kW commercial solar PV system?

A good quality 40kW system will deliver a full return on investment within just 2 to 5 years.
Plus, by taking advantage of one of Infinite Energy’s many finance options,  you can remain cash flow positive from day one.

What kind of business does a 40kW commercial solar PV system suit best?

This system’s great for medium sized businesses and manufacturers. We’ve installed 40kW systems at Transmin, a leading engineering solutions provider in Malaga; Specialty Feeds, a feed farm supplier in Glen Forrest; Armadale, the Riverton Leisureplex in the City of Canning, and many more.

To find out if a 40kW system is right for your business, simply request a no obligation consult with one of our energy consultants.

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