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Projections & Modelling

Commercial Solar is like any financial investment – it is vital to understand all the elements of that investment; things like cash flow, capital expenditure, risk and maintenance costs. It is these elements that determine if a project is a good investment. It is vital to develop a financial model for the project which encompasses these things.

For Commercial Solar this is important for sizing the Solar system correctly. Over sizing the solar system on a commercial building can lead to wasted production and over capitalisation. Likewise undersizing can result in lost opportunity for higher marginal returns.

Infinite Energy can prepare a detailed financial model for a commercial solar investment whether it be large or small. Typically the financial model will factor in:

  • Upfront capital cost or lease payments if a no upfront capital option is being considered.
  • The specific electricity consumption at the site. Infinite Energy can extract the last 12 months of electricity usage data from your meter right down to 30min intervals. We can then give you an accurate estimate through your historic solar production to establish what various commercial solar systems sizes will achieve.
  • Electricity production of the Solar system
  • On-site solar utilisation rates.
  • Variable electricity price rise assumptions (high, low and customised assumptions).
  • Solar panel degradation and minimum warranted output.
  • Infinite Energy can provide you with this full financial model including the data and assumptions allowing you to make a fully informed investment decision.

Our comprehensive monitoring solutions will also allow you to validate your investment decision post installation.

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