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5kW Solar System

Investing in a solar PV system is a big decision, so you want to be confident you’re choosing the right one. Rapidly rising in popularity, a 5kW solar system delivers incredible bang for your buck. The solar system of choice for medium to large households, a 5kW solar system cost per kilowatt is the cheapest of all the solar system sizes. Here are the facts you need to know.

Quick overview


Average cost

$3,990 to $8,000


Number of PV panels


Power generated

22 units/day


How much can I save?

As much as $350 per electricity bill cycle. However, your actual savings are more likely to be between $180 and $300 per cycle.

Average payback period

2.5 to 4 years


Suited to

Medium to large households using larger amounts of electricity (electricity budget of $350 or more per bill cycle).

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How much does it cost?

Good quality 5kW solar systems range in price from $3,990 to $8,000. Although cheaper systems are available, you always get what you pay for. Sticking within this price range ensures you’re purchasing a good quality solar PV system.

Along with price, you should also consider warranty protection. Things can, and sometimes do go wrong – so ensure your solar system is protected with a comprehensive warranty and Australian based support. Every 5kW solar system we sell comes with both – just another way Infinite Energy ensure you get the most out of your investment.

How many panels does it have?

Based on standard 275W panels, a 5kW solar system consist of 18 solar PV panels. If you use 327W SunPower panels however, this will reduce to just 15 panels. This means you’ll need at minimum 30m2 of roof space, as each panel is around 1.6m by 1m in size.

5kW Solar System   5kW Solar System perth    5kW Solar System panels

How much power does it generate?

On average, a good quality 5kW solar system generates 22 units per day – enough to easily offset a typical Australian household’s entire energy usage.

The amount of power your 5kW solar system generates depends on three things: location, positioning and quality. Locations receiving large amounts of sunlight with less cloud cover are the best places for solar. However, if you’re in a less sunny location, you’ll still benefit – particularly if you purchase the highest quality system, invest in technologies such as power optimisers, and position it correctly.

That’s why we recommend you purchase the highest quality panels and inverters you can afford. They produce the best results and will put more money back in your pocket over a longer period.

We also suggest you take advantage of our installers’ expertise – they know where, and how to position your system so it absorbs the most direct sunlight possible. With their help, you’ll generate the maximum amount of energy possible, 365 days a year.

How much can I save?

One of the best performing systems available, a 5kW solar system can save you as much as $350 per electricity bill cycle. However, your actual savings are more likely to be between $180 and $300 per cycle – more than enough to cover your household’s entire energy usage.

As with any solar system, the amount you get back depends on how much electricity you use, and when. Use most (or all) of your solar power during the daylight hours, and you’ll get the most money back. That’s because the amount you receive from your feed-in tariff (for power exported to the grid) is significantly less than the amount you pay to buy electricity from the grid. So the more solar power you use, the more you’ll save.

To learn how to properly calculate the savings your system will generate, click here.

What’s the average payback period?

A good quality 5kW solar system will have fully paid for itself within 2.5 to 4 years. It’s worth remembering the less power you export back to the grid, the less time it will take to pay off your system.

What kind of household does it suit best?

5kW solar systems are perfect for medium to large households using larger amounts of electricity. So if you have teenage kids, or a pool and reverse cycle air conditioning, this is the system for you. It suits an electricity budget of $350 or more per bill cycle.

If you’re interested in learning more about 5kW solar PV systems, and if it’s the right choice for your home, give us a call on 1300 074 669.

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