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The New Canadian Solar Smart DC Module

The New Canadian Solar Smart DC Module

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Founded in 2001 in Canada, Canadian Solar is world-leading solar manufacturer with subsidiaries in 24 countries across 6 continents. With 359 quality control points, ensuring the superior performance of every panel is at the core of Canadian Solar.

Their new panel, the Canadian Solar Smart DC Module, with an inbuilt SolarEdge power optimiser, is no exception.


What is a Power Optimiser?

Similar to micro-inverters, a power optimiser is a small box attached to the back of every panel. Unlike micro-inverters however, power optimisers are in-built and work with string inverters to enable the maximum energy harvest from individual panels.

Instead of converting DC power to AC power at the panel site like a micro-inverter, power optimisers condition DC power and send it to a string inverter. This approach results in higher system efficiency than a string inverter alone, in addition to a whole host of other advantages.


Harvest up to 25% More Energy from Every Panel

Designed with an innovative integration of Canadian Solar and SolarEdge technology, every Smart DC Module is equipped with an inbuilt SolarEdge power optimiser, replacing the traditional junction-box add-on.

Effectively optimising the power output at the module-level, the SolarEdge power optimisers eliminate power mismatch between modules and decrease shading losses (in traditional systems, weaker panels effect the output of strong ones). This makes the Canadian Solar Smart DC Module more efficient and cost effective than micro inverters, allowing you to harvest up to 25% more energy per panel.


Fast and Flexible String Design to Suit All Roof Types

Canadian Solar Smart DC Modules allow for faster and more flexible installations than traditional systems.  Strings of up to 5.25kW are possible for residential systems, resulting in increased design flexibility.


Industry-Leading Monitoring

The Canadian Solar Smart DC Module allows for monitoring at the module-level, resulting in a more effective system management and reduced operational costs.

With a lifetime of free panel and system monitoring for all features, and full visibility of system performance thanks to a free smartphone app, the Canadian Solar Smart DC Module is as smart as it is efficient.


Smarter & Safer Panels

Thanks to the SolarEdge power optimiser, whenever the AC power or inverter is turned off, DC wires are de-energized. This ensures the safety of protecting installers, maintenance personnel, and firefighters.


The latest in photovoltaic technology, Canadian Solar’s Smart DC Module is a great choice for residential installations, thanks to its increased energy outputs, as well as quicker and cheaper installation costs. For more information on the Smart DC Module, call us on 1300 074 669, or request a no obligation consult.

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