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Electric Vehicles Sold in Australia

13 April 2017
EVs Australia

Electric Vehicles Sold in Australia

Benefits of Electric Vehicles While Electric Vehicles may seem like the new kid on the automobile block, an astounding 50% of all EVs currently on the road today were sold in the last two years alone. This quick uptake is only expected to increase thanks to the huge range of benefits Electric Vehicles offer, especially […]

10 April 2017
Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps as an Alternative to Battery Storage

If a brand new battery storage system is out of your price range, don’t worry – a hot water system may be your next best bet. When operating at peak performance, many solar PV systems generate more electricity than their household can use. When this happens, the system’s inverter exports any excess electricity to the […]

6 April 2017
shading solar PV systems

Shading and Solar PV Systems

  Shading in the Traditional Solar PV Setup Solar cells produce electricity via the photovoltaic effect, where sunlight creates electricity in certain materials by knocking their outer electrons loose. Therefore, it makes sense that when a shadow is cast on a panel, whether by a tree or another building, it will decrease the amount of […]

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