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Thinking about solar battery storage? Here’s what to keep in mind

20 December 2021

Thinking about solar battery storage? Here’s what to keep in mind

If you have solar panels on your roof, it’s likely you have considered investing in solar battery storage, after all, there is an obvious benefit to storing your unused electricity to use at night rather than exporting to the grid. In this blog, we’ll discuss what to look out for if you decide to add […]

13 December 2021

Case Study: SunPower and Fronius Residential Installation

Our Senior Residential and Commercial Sales Manager, James Elliott, recently installed a 6.4kW solar PV system at his Palmyra home in Western Australia. James and his partner have just bought a new home and saw solar as the obvious way to manage their electricity costs. With air conditioning being installed to keep them and their […]

6 December 2021

Look out for these common solar panel problems

A solar power system is one of the best investments you can make; not only do you start saving on your power bills from day one, but you are also contributing to a lower-carbon future and doing your part towards creating a more sustainable future. While solar energy systems are relatively low maintenance, as with […]

29 November 2021

What is the difference between the solar rebate and solar feed-in tariffs?

If you have started doing research about investing in solar power for your home, then you may have started getting confused with information overload! There is a wealth of information out there, about who is the best installer, what are the best brands, and how to make sure you are getting the most saving out […]

22 November 2021

How Infinite Energy helped Urban Forager reach its sustainability goals through solar power

Urban Forager launched in 2012, then under the name of Forager Handmade Preserves. They had an immediate positive response from their customers and retail partners for their organic stock concentrates. Their organic product range are now available in a wide range of retailers across Australia. The company focusses on sustainable processing techniques, sourcing high quality, […]

15 November 2021

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Cheap Solar PV System

While a cheap solar power system may seem like a great idea initially, the truth is that cheap solar systems can end up costing you a lot more in the long run. Customers who go for the cheapest options when investing in solar are often stung by much higher costs later for repairs or replacements, […]

10 November 2021

Infinite Energy Solar Car Challenge 2021

200 excited students from 14 Perth and WA high schools raced their student-designed and built model solar cars over the 28 and 29 October, on tree-lined Riley Oval at the University of Western Australia (UWA) in the Infinite Energy Solar Car Challenge. Infinite Energy, AIE Perth and UWA co-sponsored and organised the event, as they […]

8 November 2021

Electricity Case Study: Dobbie

In December 2014, Infinite Energy was selected by Perth foundry, Dobbie, to originate a proposal to help significantly reduce Dobbie’s annual electricity spend. To achieve this aim, two objectives needed to be met: Objective 1 Switch electricity supply to Infinite Energy to reduce the amount paid per unit of grid supplied electricity. Objective 2 Undertake […]

25 October 2021

Case Study: SunPower, SolarEdge, and Tesla Powerwall Residential Installation

Our customer Mathew recently installed a SunPower and SolarEdge 13.32kW solar power system with Tesla Powerwall 2 battery storage at his City Beach home in Western Australia. Mathew already had a solar power system and battery installed at his home from another solar provider but wanted to double his solar capacity and increase his self-sufficiency from the […]

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