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Infinite Energy to cease selling rooftop solar systems

16 February 2022

Infinite Energy to cease selling rooftop solar systems

Due to changing sector dynamics and previous national expansion plans being impacted by the onset of the pandemic, Infinite Energy has decided to cease selling solar rooftop and battery systems for residential and commercial rooftops. Infinite Energy Chief Executive Officer Andrew Sutherland said it had been a very difficult decision to cease selling rooftop solar […]

17 January 2022

Why a Solar PPA is an Excellent Choice for Your Business

Investing in a commercial solar power system can offer your business a range of benefits; a commercial solar system significantly reduces electricity costs, it can cut business risk moving forward, and it will improve your sustainability rating. However, the upfront financial costs of a commercial solar PV system are a barrier to many businesses choosing […]

8 November 2021

Electricity Case Study: Dobbie

In December 2014, Infinite Energy was selected by Perth foundry, Dobbie, to originate a proposal to help significantly reduce Dobbie’s annual electricity spend. To achieve this aim, two objectives needed to be met: Objective 1 Switch electricity supply to Infinite Energy to reduce the amount paid per unit of grid supplied electricity. Objective 2 Undertake […]

4 October 2021

Is my business eligible to switch electricity providers?

As a business owner, you want to make sure you are getting the best rates on all of your utilities. The more you save, the more profit your business enjoys. Many businesses are choosing to switch electricity providers in order to enjoy better rates and bill savings. Read on to learn if your business is […]

9 August 2021

5 Common Myths for Changing Electricity Providers for Businesses

If your business is interested in changing electricity providers, but are hesitant as to whether you should, you may be holding onto a few common misconceptions that are preventing you from taking the leap. It’s worth reading our blog to combat some of these myths and understand how simple the process of switching to a […]

10 May 2021

How to Change Energy Providers in WA

Changing electricity companies in WA can bring a wealth of benefits to your business, including reduced tariffs and significant energy savings. Our customers have achieved significant savings by switching to Infinite Energy Electricity, but many business owners are hesitant to change electricity retailers because they think the process is time-consuming and unnecessarily complicated. Thankfully, changing […]

22 March 2021

How solar car parks can benefit your business

Imagine if your business could provide additional benefits to your customers and staff, while also helping to reduce your electricity bills and your impact on the environment. By installing a solar car park at your business, you could do just that. Just like conventional covered car parks, solar car parks provide your customers’ and staff […]

25 June 2020

How an Embedded Network Could Benefit Your Business

  Embedded networks are private-owned electricity networks that are contained within a building or self-contained site. They allow the site owner to purchase electricity for the building at wholesale rates and then on-sell to the tenants. Embedded networks are often seen in multi-tenanted sites, such as apartment blocks, shopping centres and office buildings. As the […]

14 October 2019

10 FAQ on Switching to Infinite Energy for Your Business Electricity

Considering making the switch and choosing Infinite Energy as your electricity provider? Here’s 10 Frequently Asked Questions you might find useful. 1. What is a Contestable Customer? A contestable customer deems that the business electricity customer can choose their own electricity provider. To be contestable to switch to an alternative electricity provider in WA, you must meet […]

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