Commercial Solar Financing Alternatives

31 August 2017

Commercial Solar Financing Alternatives

If you’re interested in solar for your business but are not prepared to make a large capital purchase, there are a number of financing alternatives you can instead choose. These include Solar Power Purchase Agreements, more commonly known as PPAs and Solar Leasing. In this blog we’ll be analysing the difference between these options, and […]

29 August 2017

Riviera: Case Study

The Consultation Process The largest and most awarded luxury yacht builder in Australia, Riviera is a global leader in the marine industry. Established in 1980, Riviera builds its world-renowned luxury yachts at its 14 hectare, state of the art waterfront site located at Coomera on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Every yacht is carefully constructed to reflect […]

18 August 2017
commercial solar

What’s Really Included in Your Commercial Solar Quote?

Is your business or organisation thinking about investing in commercial solar? Due to rising electricity prices over the past three years and declining system and component costs, there’s never been a better time to go solar. Investing in a commercial solar PV system will not only reduce your electricity costs, it’ll also help improve your […]

3 August 2017

Why You Need to Buy Your Commercial Solar PV System Now

  If you’re considering investing in a commercial solar PV system to reduce electricity costs and improve your organisations sustainability, there’s never been a better time to buy. To find out why buying and installing your system as soon as possible will increase your savings, read on.   About STCs Small-Scale Technology Certificates or STCs […]

27 July 2017

2017/18 Synergy REBS Rate & Meter Charges Changes

  Meter Charges Investing in a new solar PV system for your home will require you to purchase or update to a bi-directional meter. This will monitor and report both the incoming and outgoing electricity, and your electricity bills will then take into account the lower amounts of electricity you’ll need to buy from the […]

11 July 2017
$20,000 business incentive solar

Solar Tax Incentives for SME Businesses

  About the $20,000 Tax Incentive If you own a small to medium sized business with an annual turnover of less than $10 million, you’re eligible to claim an immediate deduction for depreciable assets up to $20,000 in value. Originally, the incentive was scheduled to expire on the 30th June 2017, but was extended to […]

28 June 2017
synergy power increases 2017

2017-18 Synergy Electricity Price Increases

  Synergy has announced their 2017-18 WA electricity prices. These changes (detailed below) will apply to all residences and businesses on gazetted tariffs in Perth and the South West of Western Australia who are supplied by Synergy, as well as those outside the South West who are supplied by Horizon Power.   Electricity Price Rises […]

23 June 2017
Feed-In Tariff Increase

Eastern States Feed-In Tariff Increase

  The residential net feed-in tariff scheme is a State Government subsidy designed to encourage the installation of renewable energy systems. Through the Renewable Energy Buyback or Solar Bonus Schemes, homeowners who own renewable energy systems like solar or wind can export any excess electricity they generate to the grid and receive payment from their power […]

8 June 2017
Tesla Destination Charging

Tesla Destination Charging

  Although currently more expensive than their petrol counterparts, upfront costs for Electric Vehicles are expected to drop significantly in the next few years. This is in large part thanks to the new Tesla Model 3, which is expected to spur mass EV adoption in Australia due to its affordable price tag and low running […]

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