January 2022 | Infinite Energy

FAQ: How the New Emergency Solar Management Requirements Will Affect You

31 January 2022

FAQ: How the New Emergency Solar Management Requirements Will Affect You

Western Australia is leading the way for solar installs with at least 412,061 solar power systems installed across WA as of 2021, which Is roughly 1 in 3 WA homes that have installed solar. As a result of this unprecedented uptake, the WA State Government is introducing the ability to manage rooftop solar exports in […]

17 January 2022

Why a Solar PPA is an Excellent Choice for Your Business

Investing in a commercial solar power system can offer your business a range of benefits; a commercial solar system significantly reduces electricity costs, it can cut business risk moving forward, and it will improve your sustainability rating. However, the upfront financial costs of a commercial solar PV system are a barrier to many businesses choosing […]

10 January 2022

Our Top Tips To Help You Save On Your Energy Bill This Summer

At Infinite Energy, we love enjoying long and hot summer days, but what we don’t enjoy is the inevitable power bill increases that come with using air conditioners and pools over the summer season.   That’s why we have put together some of our best tips to help you to save on energy and cut […]

5 January 2022

How to Choose the Right Solar Installer

If you’ve made the decision to consider installing a solar power system at your home, one of the first questions you’ll need to ask is “How do I choose the right solar installer?” At Infinite Energy we want you to feel confident about investing in solar. Confident you’re getting the right brands, at the right […]

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