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Do Solar Panels Work on Cloudy Days?

5 April 2021

Do Solar Panels Work on Cloudy Days?

Australians are adopting solar technologies at a breakneck pace. This is a wonderful thing for the environment and for reducing utility bills.

15 March 2021

How to Monitor Your Usage to Boost Your Solar Savings

Of all the benefits solar power provides, one of the most appealing is the noticeable reduction of your electricity bill. Once you’ve made the initial investment with solar, it pays to know how to get the most value out of your system. As a basic rule of thumb, the best way to make the most […]

8 March 2021

Best Time to Use Solar Electricity

Australia is one of the best places in the world to install a solar system, thanks to great weather and a high percentage of clear, sunny days in both summer and winter. While our generally sunny weather and clear skies means that it makes good sense to install solar panels for your home, you still need to be making […]

2 March 2021

Maximise Your Solar Savings With The mySolarEdge App

When trying to boost your solar self-consumption, the key point to remember is to use the majority of your electricity during the day when the sun is shining and solar energy is being produced by your solar power system. However, this doesn’t mean you should suddenly switch on your dishwasher, washing machine and pool pump […]

22 February 2021

How a Circular Economy Can Create a Sustainable Future

With the climate challenges we all face these days, it is imperative that we change how we use our limited resources. The vast majority of consumer products are manufactured on a ‘take-make-waste’ model, and because of this it’s no wonder that we live in a throwaway society. Unfortunately, the implications of this “throwaway” mentality are […]

8 February 2021

Building a Home Fit for Solar

With energy prices continuing to rise, managing day-to-day electricity costs is increasingly more important to homeowners. The good news is, if you are planning to build a home, there are a number of options available to keep ongoing electricity costs to a minimum at your new place. You may already know to look for energy-efficient […]

1 February 2021
Solar retailer warranty claim

What to Do if Your Solar Retailer Goes Out of Business and You Need to Make a Warranty Claim

A high-quality, reliable solar system is a valuable asset that can offer a multitude of benefits. We believe in supplying quality components to ensure the efficiency and performance of our solar systems will continue to provide for our customers for years to come. Unfortunately, not all solar systems offer the same standards of quality, and […]

25 January 2021
Infographic on How Does Solar Power Feed Back Into The Grid?

How Does Solar Power Feed Back Into The Grid?

When your solar PV system produces solar power, the energy is ready to be used instantly in your home. It’s best to use as much of that electricity as possible to make the most of your investment. However, in some cases not all of your solar energy will be consumed by you, and you will […]

18 January 2021

How Australia’s energy technology will change by 2030

How Australia’s energy technology will change by 2030 Now that 2020 is (finally) over, we can look to the future and consider what the next decade might bring. New and improved technology is always a given and at Infinite Energy, we are looking forward to seeing what advances in solar and battery storage technology will […]

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