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The Future of Smart Homes & Solar

20 July 2020

The Future of Smart Homes & Solar

What will our homes look like in 5, 10, even 20 years’ time? One thing is for certain, technology will have advanced and our homes will operate almost independently without us needing to do so much as select an option on an app. Our homes will become significantly more energy efficient, as automation and artificial […]

14 July 2020

Meet the Infinite Energy Team: Megan & Danielle – Residential Project Delivery Team

Our staff are what makes Infinite Energy great! With a passion for renewable energy, innovation and quality, our team are dedicated to helping Australian households and businesses achieve better energy independence. In this month’s staff profile, we chat to Megan and Danielle from our Residential Project Delivery team. 1. Could you please explain what your […]

6 July 2020

Sustainability at Infinite Energy

Sustainability in the workplace has been a hot topic over the last few years;  a joint study last year from Salmat and ACRS found that 72% of shoppers rank ethical brand behaviour in their top three purchasing priorities and that the environment is the most important social issue to consumers. At Infinite Energy, we recognise […]

29 June 2020

How Tariff Arbitrage can help you make the most of your battery

Solar power systems are already saving homes all over Australia money on their power bills, and those adding batteries to their systems can enjoy even further savings. Using ‘Tariff arbitrage’ with your solar and battery system is a great way to help you save even more money with your solar system by making the most […]

22 June 2020

Simple ways to maximise your battery storage

Battery storage can be a great addition to your solar PV system, as it allows you to store excess energy generated during the day to use at night when your solar panels stop producing energy, enabling you to reduce your reliance on energy bought from the grid. In many states in Australia, there is still […]

15 June 2020

Rohan’s Winter Energy Efficiency Tips

Father of two, solar whiz and Infinite Energy Installer Relations and Products Manager, Rohan, has given us his personal energy efficiency tips on how to stay on top of your electricity bills whilst we’re all staying home more now the weather is cooling down. Below are his top tips:   1. Control your heating Heating (and […]

5 June 2020

Everything You Need to Know About the New mySolarEdge App

The mySolarEdge app is a new monitoring app for residential and commercial system owners. The app incorporates all the same monitoring functions as the original SolarEdge Monitoring app, with the addition of some key new self-service features. The original Monitoring App is slowly being phased out and will become limited to solar professionals only, so […]

3 June 2020

Why Winter is a Great Time to Install Solar

While temperatures may be dropping, clear skies are a staple of an Australian winter. To find out why this makes Australia’s winters a great time to install a solar PV system on your roof, read on.   Great Weather While for those living in a rainy country like England it can be difficult to install […]

28 May 2020

How Grid Voltage Affects Solar Production

If you have a solar PV system installed and have been monitoring its production, you may have noticed your inverter’s power production reducing as it enters “Volt-Watt response mode” or shutting off all together due to an “over voltage” error. As long as your inverter has been installed in accordance with Australian Standards, these occurrences […]

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