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New Release: Canadian 330W HiKu Canadian Solar Split Cell Panels

15 April 2019

New Release: Canadian 330W HiKu Canadian Solar Split Cell Panels

  Canadian Solar is a leading global manufacturer of solar modules in 90 countries. With over 32GW of solar modules deployed around the globe since 2001, Canadian Solar is at the forefront of solar cell technology. Canadian Solar continues to invest in research and development, recently launching a new panel as part of their Super […]

9 April 2019

How to Maximise Your Solar Savings

As solar power is derived from the sun, it makes sense to be maximising your energy usage during the day when the sun is shining. Using majority of your solar power as it’s generated rather than sending it back to the grid for a feed-in tariff will provide you with the best savings. Feed-in Tariffs […]

29 March 2019

Infinite Energy and West Coast Eagles 2019 Official Partnership

Last year was an undeniably amazing year for the West Coast Eagles, who were crowned winners of the 2018 Grand Final Premiership. Set for another great year ahead, Infinite Energy is excited to announce we have re-signed as an Official Partner for 2019. Thanks to our partnership with the West Coast Eagles, Infinite Energy are […]

22 March 2019

Shady Solar Contracts: What to Look for on Your Quote

There can be such varying levels of quality, service and expertise amongst the solar companies on the market these days. You can easily be tricked into choosing a company that offers cheaper systems without realising the solar components are of low quality, or their warranties are worthless. On some occasions, companies may use dodgy tactics […]

18 March 2019

How Solar Cells Are Made

  From powering up small devices like calculators, to supplying medical refrigeration for towns in developing countries, solar energy has found a wide variety of uses in everyday life. Most commonly, solar energy is known as the most abundant source of clean renewable energy on Earth. There’s a total of 173,000 terawatts of solar energy […]

11 March 2019

SolarEdge SafeDC™ Technology: Minimising Solar Fire Risks

  Solar PV systems are considered very safe and generally pose no danger to people or property. However, just like any electrical installation, if not completed correctly or poor-quality products are used, solar PV systems can be susceptible to electrical fires. This may be caused by faults, short circuits, ground faults and reverse currents. Standard […]

1 March 2019
Install solar autumn

Why Autumn is a Great Time to Install Solar

With plenty of warm, sunny weather still to come, autumn is a great time to install a solar PV system on your roof. To find out why, read on.   1) Great weather While in another country or continent we might recommend not installing panels in autumn, thanks to our high rate of sunny, clear […]

26 February 2019

What’s the difference between Bi-directional Energy Meters, Smart Meters and Online Monitoring?

  If you’ve installed a solar PV system or are planning to have one installed, you may be wondering what the differences are between bi-directional meters, smart meters and online monitoring. This blog explores what each of these are, and the various benefits they all bring to your home solar system. Bi-directional Energy Meter A […]

15 February 2019

How to Minimise Waste

  We all want to do our part for the environment. Recycling is a simple and efficient way that we can contribute to a more sustainable future. However, it’s come to light that our recycling processes are not as simple as we thought, with a large amount of it being dumped into landfill or transported overseas. […]

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