STCs Scrapped for Replacement Solar Panels

20 October 2017
STC Changes Panels

STCs Scrapped for Replacement Solar Panels

The Australian Government’s Clean Energy Regulator has announced they will no longer be issuing STCs for replacement panels installed on existing systems. This is a notable change to current regulations, as it effects panels under warranty, and even panels who are approved for STCs will no longer be eligible. The Clean Energy Regulator has decided […]

19 October 2017
ABB UNO Inverter

ABB UNO-DM-PLUS Inverter Range

ABB is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high quality, high performing, and reliable solar inverters. With a focus on high efficiency ‘green’ power solutions, ABB range of inverters has been recognised as one of the most efficient, robust, and technically advanced on the market. Their new UNO-DM-PLUS single-phase inverter range, with power ratings from 3.3 […]

6 October 2017

Infinite Energy Launches Sonnen Solar Batteries

About Sonnen   Headquartered in Wildpoldsried, a Bavarian village that is already running on 100% renewable and clean energy, Sonnen is Germany’s number one lithium-storage system manufacturer. Founded in 2007, Sonnen works with a mission to help the world transition to energy sources free from carbon-based emissions within the next 10 years. In Germany, Sonnen […]

29 September 2017

Connection Process Comparison: Residential vs Commercial Solar PV System

  While both commercial and residential sized solar systems can help significantly reduce your carbon emissions and electricity bills, the connection process between the two can differ vastly. This blog will explore the connection processes of both residential and large-scale solar PV systems, and what you can expect when investing in your own system.   […]

19 September 2017

SunPower Announces New Industry-Leading Warranty

Boasting one of the best solar panel warranties in the world, SunPower has announced the industry’s leading maximum degradation rate in their new E and X-Series solar module warranties. Degradation is an industry term used to describe the decline in output that all solar panels experience over time. Guaranteeing maximum power performance and product quality […]

14 September 2017

Infinite Energy Partners with Finance Lender RateSetter

At Infinite Energy, we believe all Australians should have access to the financial and green benefits solar can provide. To help make solar accessible for all homeowners, Infinite Energy has partnered with RateSetter in order to offer low rate finance for our solar PV systems, solar hot water systems, and battery storage products.   About […]

7 September 2017
single vs three phase

Single Phase vs Three Phase Power

Homes and business connected to the grid in Australia will predominately use either single phase or three phase power. This blog will explore the difference between single and three phase power, and how your phase will affect your solar PV system.   Single Phase Used in most new homes and small businesses, single-phase electricity is […]

17 August 2017
solar electricity

Best Time to Use Solar Electricity

Australia is one of the best places in the world to install a solar system, thanks to great weather and a high percentage of clear, sunny days in both summer and winter. While anytime during the day is a great time to use your solar generation, the ideal time will differ from home to home. […]

4 August 2017
Fronius Battery vs Powerwall 2

Fronius Solar Battery vs Tesla Powerwall 2

  Fronius and Tesla are manufacturers of the some of the best solar batteries on the market. In this blog, we’ll be looking at the differences between Fronius Solar Battery and Tesla Powerwall 2, and the benefits of investing in either product.   About Powerwall 2 Like the first-generation Powerwall, Powerwall 2 is designed to […]

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