May 2020 | Infinite Energy

How Grid Voltage Affects Solar Production

28 May 2020

How Grid Voltage Affects Solar Production

If you have a solar PV system installed and have been monitoring its production, you may have noticed your inverter’s power production reducing as it enters “Volt-Watt response mode” or shutting off all together due to an “over voltage” error. As long as your inverter has been installed in accordance with Australian Standards, these occurrences […]

25 May 2020

Are Batteries Worth it in 2020?

  The demand for solar battery storage continues to rise as more Australians are looking to take the next step in their solar journey and adopt a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Battery storage allows your unused solar electricity to be stored in a battery for later use, rather than sending it back to the grid for […]

11 May 2020

Why the Benefits of Solar for Property Investors Are Too Good to Ignore

Solar energy is especially welcomed in Australia. In March 2020, more than 2.37 million Australian households have installed solar panels on their roof. The number of installations is still on the rise, as more and more homeowners understand the ongoing benefits it provides. However, despite these figures, there is almost no solar on the rooftops […]

6 May 2020

What the Distributed Energy Resources Roadmap Means For You

The Distributed Energy Resources Roadmap (DER Roadmap) has recently been released by the Energy Transformation Taskforce, an initiative of the WA state government. The Roadmap facilitates a major transformation of WA’s electricity industry and deals with the switch from a coal and fossil fuels to a grid dominated by renewable energy and battery storage. Distributed […]

4 May 2020

Think Your Business Can’t Afford Solar? Think Again

The economic impact of Covid-19 is undeniable, and many businesses are learning how to adapt to these new circumstances. No doubt you’re facing some challenges surrounding decision making and procurement and may be thinking solar is not at the top of your list. However, it’s important to consider that the benefits of solar haven’t changed, […]

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