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Electricity for Business: How to Turn an Expense into an Asset

27 September 2018
electricity for business

Electricity for Business: How to Turn an Expense into an Asset

As a business owner, it’s inevitable you’ll have to pay for electricity. Whether that cost is large or small will depend on your industry and operational needs. If you’re on the higher end use of the scale, electricity bills can quickly become a significant overhead. With solar, you have the opportunity to turn the electricity […]

20 September 2018

2018 Market Update: STC Discount Expected to Reduce Dramatically

At Infinite Energy we encourage our clients to do their research and not to rush into any decisions. After all, solar is a significant one-time investment. You only have one chance to choose quality components, and one chance to have them installed properly. However, there are market forces currently in play that will cause the […]

1 September 2018
install solar in spring

Why Spring is a Great Time to Install Solar

With the warmer weather finally on its way, more and more people are starting to consider if they should install a solar PV system on their home or business. So why is spring such a great time to install solar? Let’s find out.  1) Peak Solar Production Spring is the second best season for solar […]

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