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SolarEdge Ranked #1 Most Financially Stable Inverter Manufacturer

30 December 2019

SolarEdge Ranked #1 Most Financially Stable Inverter Manufacturer

The 2019 version of the SINOVOLTAICS Inverter Manufacturer Ranking Report has recently been released, placing SolarEdge as the #1 most financially stable inverter manufacturer. The Altman-Z Scores in the report have been calculated from December 2016 until September 2019 and provides detailed insights into how the financial strength of inverter manufacturers has evolved over the […]

23 December 2019

VPP Scams: Don’t Let it Happen to You

Just like any industry, the solar industry is susceptible to scams. It can be hard to differentiate what a legitimate deal is against a not-so-genuine offer as solar scams are often very convincing. They can involve businesses claiming to be offering excessive government rebates, cheap or free solar systems and components. In a time where […]

18 December 2019

Infinite Energy Solar Car Challenge 2019

The inaugural Infinite Energy Solar Car Challenge took place at the University of Western Australia on Tuesday the 12th of November. Hosted on James Oval, over 180 students from 14 schools took on the challenge of designing, building, and racing their very own solar powered model car. Sponsored by the Australian Institute of Energy, University […]

16 December 2019

Solar Provider Quotes Can Vary Greatly, Here’s Why

One of the best things to do when you’re looking to purchase your own solar system is to ask for a sales quote from various providers, rather than just the one company. This way, you’ll get a better understanding of what you get for your money and if you’re receiving a fair price. Of course, […]

9 December 2019

Benefits of Commercial Batteries

As electricity prices continue to rise, the unpredictability of energy bills can make it difficult for businesses to manage this spend. Whether the cost is large or small will depend on your industry and operational needs, but if you’re on the higher end use of the scale, electricity bills can quickly become a significant overhead. […]

2 December 2019

Western Australia’s Smart Inverter Uptake at 99%

There’s been a dramatic increase in the installation of solar in Australia over the last few years. In line with this, there’s been a 96% uptake on smart inverters nationwide since the beginning of 2019. Western Australia has been at the forefront of this, with 99% of inverters installed being smart. As the electricity grid […]

25 November 2019

What are Green Buildings?

Efforts to conserve the environment and reduce carbon footprints are becoming common practice amongst both individuals and businesses – a promising sign of society’s involvement in creating a sustainable earth for the future. Urban areas are often said to be one of the main sources of pollution due to large corporations disposing waste improperly and […]

19 November 2019

SunPower Announces They Will Become Two Independent Companies

SunPower is both a leader and an innovator at the forefront of the solar industry. Operating for 35 years, SunPower has worked their way to the top, highly regarded for their patented technology and industry leading warranties. If you weren’t already aware, the company has been operating as two different business units under the SunPower […]

18 November 2019

5 Common Myths for Changing Energy Providers for Businesses

If your business is interested in changing energy providers, but are cautious as to whether you should, you may be holding onto a few common misconceptions that are preventing you from taking the leap. It’s worth reading our blog to combat some of these myths and understand how simple the process of switching really is. […]

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