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Bigger and Better: The Tesla Powerwall 2

27 January 2020

Bigger and Better: The Tesla Powerwall 2

In 2015, Tesla Motors introduced their first-generation Tesla Powerwall; the first battery product of the Tesla brand, which has since transformed the home energy storage market. A year on from the release of the original Tesla Powerwall, Tesla has introduced a new generation of Powerwall – The Tesla Powerwall 2. The company has significantly improved […]

21 January 2020

SunPower Launches Equinox Storage

SunPower has recently launched its newest product in the U.S – The SunPower Equinox™ system. The Equinox™ is SunPower’s fully integrated solar and storage solution that provides the convenience of having a reliable solar system and battery in one. This is the company’s first leap into battery storage, and it looks promising. Although still only […]

13 January 2020

Solar Energy: Is It a Solution for Climate Change?

We all know that global temperatures are rising. Despite that however, things still seem to be moving at a gradual pace. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), in 2018 we still had until 2030 to cut our carbon emissions by 45% and keep global temperatures from rising above 1.5°C. However, plans may […]

6 January 2020

Why Do So Many Solar Companies Go Bankrupt?

The “Solar Boom” The solar industry in 2020 is booming. It looks vastly different compared to its situation 10 years ago. From dramatic price drops in the last decade, to the improved manufacturing process, solar is becoming much more affordable and well-received amongst homeowners and businesses. The “solar boom” is especially evident in Australia. By […]

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