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Case Study: How Much Will DEBS Really Impact on Solar ROI?

29 September 2020

Case Study: How Much Will DEBS Really Impact on Solar ROI?

With the WA state government’s recent move from the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS) to the new Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS), there has been some confusion about how much difference the change may make to the return on investment for those who invest in solar. At Infinite Energy, we believe that a solar PV […]

14 September 2020

How Important are Residential Feed-in Tariffs?

For most people, the motivation behind investing in solar is that they want to save money on their electricity bill and use less power from the grid. In that case, it would make sense to invest in the system that produces the exact amount of power you need.  Well… not exactly. Choosing the right solar […]

9 September 2020

Meet the Infinite Energy Team: HSEQ Manager – Glen Broadbent & Solar Quality Control Technical Officer – Robert Vipers

Our staff are what makes Infinite Energy great! With a passion for renewable energy, innovation and quality, our team are dedicated to helping Australian households and businesses achieve better energy independence. In this month’s staff profile, we chat to Glen and Rob from our HSEQ & Quality Control team. 1. Tell us about your current […]

31 August 2020

FAQ: How the Latest REBS Changes Will Affect You

The WA Government recently announced that the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS) will be replaced by the Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS) for eligible new and upgraded systems. This reform, part of the Distributed Energy Roadmap, is designed to encourage households to self-consume the power generated by their solar PV system. It also aims to direct excess […]

24 August 2020

How to Make the Most of Our Knowledge Base

Have you ever wondered how to safely re-start your inverter? Set up your online monitoring? What about understanding your system production? Every day, we receive queries from customers who are curious about their solar PV system.  Our support page hosts helpful articles and video tutorials on the products we provide, as well as simple instructions […]

10 August 2020

How a SENEC Battery Helped Clive Save on Bills and the Environment

Infinite Energy customer, Clive, was on an environmental mission when he approached us about a battery storage solution for his home; “I wanted to install a battery to see how self-sufficient households can be by powering their homes from solar panels and battery storage”. In April this year, Infinite Energy proudly installed our first SENEC […]

4 August 2020

Why it’s Important to Select a Fronius Solutions FSP+ Solar Provider

Since Infinite Energy installed our very first Fronius 1G20 inverter just over 10 years ago, we have remained a dedicated retailer for Fronius inverters and components. Infinite Energy was recently recognised for our knowledge and capabilities for servicing Fronius inverters as a Fronius Solutions Partner Plus (FSP+). As one of only a handful of solar […]

20 July 2020

The Future of Smart Homes & Solar

What will our homes look like in 5, 10, even 20 years’ time? One thing is for certain, technology will have advanced and our homes will operate almost independently without us needing to do so much as select an option on an app. Our homes will become significantly more energy efficient, as automation and artificial […]

29 June 2020

How Tariff Arbitrage can help you make the most of your battery

Solar power systems are already saving homes all over Australia money on their power bills, and those adding batteries to their systems can enjoy even further savings. Using ‘Tariff arbitrage’ with your solar and battery system is a great way to help you save even more money with your solar system by making the most […]

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