August 2021 | Infinite Energy

The Premium Feed-in Tariff has ended, here’s what you can do

23 August 2021

The Premium Feed-in Tariff has ended, here’s what you can do

As an incentive to encourage the uptake of renewable energy systems in the state, the Western Australian state government introduced the Residential Net Feed-in Tariff Scheme for eligible solar system owners in July 2010. The scheme provided eligible applicants with a premium rate of 40 cents per unit of solar energy exported back to the […]

16 August 2021

What is the process for having a solar power system installed?

So, you have decided to invest in a solar power system and have chosen Infinite Energy to install your system. Great choice! But you may be wondering what the next steps are. This blog will give you a helpful overview of what to expect during your solar power system installation. We’ve installed over 18,000 solar […]

9 August 2021

5 Common Myths for Changing Electricity Providers for Businesses

If your business is interested in changing electricity providers, but are hesitant as to whether you should, you may be holding onto a few common misconceptions that are preventing you from taking the leap. It’s worth reading our blog to combat some of these myths and understand how simple the process of switching to a […]

2 August 2021

Can I add a solar battery to my existing solar power system?

With solar battery storage systems becoming more affordable and accessible, an increasing number of homeowners are considering adding solar batteries to their existing solar power systems. Solar batteries provide many benefits to their owners, including the ability to utilise more of their solar power generation, backup power in case of outages, and more energy savings, […]

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