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Battery Ready Solar Power Systems

Battery Ready Solar Power Systems

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Battery Ready Solar Power Systems

Many solar companies are currently selling Battery Ready Solar Power Systems. It's important to know what this actually means before you consider a purchase.

The reality is that almost every solar system (new and existing) is "battery compatible". This means that there is nothing stopping the solar system from integrating with a battery as long as that battery has it's own battery inverter and control system.

Unfortunately, many people are given the impression that by buying these "battery ready" systems that the solar inverter supplied as part of those systems is able to control, directly interface with and convert the battery's DC current into useable AC.

This is generally not the case.

So what does a true Battery Ready Solar system look like?

The main component of a true Battery Ready System is a battery inverter. This can come in two forms:

  • A Hybrid Inverter which is both a Solar Inverter and a Battery Inverter (like the Fronius Symo Hybrid)
  • A stand alone battery inverter which interfaces directly with a solar inverter (like the SolarEdge StoreEdge solution).

*Note that these are the only two inverters that currently interface with the Tesla Powerwall battery.

Generally, Hybrid inverters will perform a number of functions:

  • Converting DC solar energy from solar panels to AC, which is usable within the home and able to be exported to the grid.
  • Controlling and monitoring the solar panels.
  • Converting DC power from a battery to AC power, which is usable within the home and able to be exported to the grid.
  • Controlling and monitoring the battery.
  • Forming a "grid" within the home to enable electricity to be used when the main grid goes down.

Given the additional functionality performed by Hybrid Inverters, there is generally a premium to be paid over and above a traditional straight solar inverter.

Beware companies selling Battery Ready Systems that don't perform the last three functions on this list. You will need to purchase a specific additional battery inverter to perform these functions.

Get Good Advice

The current and future availability of battery storage is just another reason to get professional advice. Not all solar systems are created equal and one of Infinite Energy's consultants can talk you through all the various options.

Our Energy Consultants can visit your home, or you can visit our showroom in South Perth where you can see our range of inverters and a Tesla Powerwall.


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