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Average Solar System Size in Australia hits 5kw

Average Solar System Size in Australia hits 5kw

Written by Infinite Energy

The average solar system size of residential installations continues to increase in Australia, hitting 5kw in June 2015.

Data published by solar industry consultants Sunwiz shows that WA’s average solar system size was slightly larger than the national average coming in at 5.2kw. Queensland’s was slightly below at 4.8kw. The data covers all solar installations, both residential and commercial up to 100kw.

The figures show a remarkable increase in the past five years where in February 2010 the average solar system size was 1.5kw.

So why the increase in average solar system size?


1. Solar system pricing has fallen substantially over the past 5 years.

5kw systems can now be purchased for around the same price as a 1.5kw in 2010.


2. Feeding into the grid is now becoming economic.

After State Government subsidised Feed-In Tariffs were abolished there was a move to size solar systems almost entirely for self-consumption. With the continued decline in prices it’s now economic to feed a larger proportion of a solar system’s electricity production into the grid. For more details see this recent blog post on the Economics of Feeding into the Grid.


3. Commercial Solar has become mainstream

Commercial Solar power systems are becoming the norm right across Australia with system sizes ranging from 10kw right up to multi megawatt systems. A look through Infinite Energy’s recent projects confirms as such.


4. Battery storage is about to become viable.

The recent announcement from Tesla on its pricing for the Powerwall home storage product means that excess solar production during the day will be able to be captured economically and used at night.


It’s still important to fully understand the economics of purchasing a solar power system before making the commitment. Infinite Energy is one of the few solar companies in Australia to offer full home consultations which include a full financial analysis including financial paybacks.

If you would like to book a home consultation with a Solar Consultant today please get in contact with us here.

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