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Case Study: SunPower and Fronius Residential Installation

Case Study: SunPower and Fronius Residential Installation

Written by Infinite Energy

Our Senior Residential and Commercial Sales Manager, James Elliott, recently installed a 6.4kW solar PV system at his Palmyra home in Western Australia.

James and his partner have just bought a new home and saw solar as the obvious way to manage their electricity costs. With air conditioning being installed to keep them and their much-loved dog cool during the hot Perth summer, and an EV locked-in as the next car purchase, scaling up their solar power system to meet an increasing energy demand was front of mind.

SunPower Maxeon solar panels and a Fronius Gen24 Primo inverter were chosen to complete their 6.4kW solar power system, with their Fronius Gen24 inverter being one of the first to be installed in WA!

James and his partner also had solar monitoring included as part of their package, meaning that they are able to take advantage of the Fronius app, Solar.web, to monitor their system performance, take control of their energy usage and make smart energy decisions. Solar.web enables people to not only see their solar production, but also to view their energy consumption, so that you can see your

energy usage habits, and make any necessary changes in order to make better use of your solar energy.

Being the Sales Manager of the residential team here at Infinite Energy, James has an incredibly in-depth understanding into what solar power modules would best suit his requirements. He chose SunPower and Fronius to complete his solar system due to their undisputed product quality and longevity in the market.

“Having sold SunPower and Fronius’s products for the last 10 years, and through working closely with the companies, I knew that they would be the best choice for my solar power system.” said James.

James’s solar power system is estimated to produce 9,642kWh annually, which is the CO2 equivalent of saving 28 trees from deforestation each year! It is also estimated to save them about $1,700 off their yearly power bills.

“After 10 years in the industry, the products and solutions that are available now mean that our customers can expect quality and longevity from their solar power systems,”

“It’s exciting to be able to do my part to help ensure that future generations are able to experience the boundless beauty this tiny planet has to offer.” said James.

If you’re interested in finding out how a solar power system could help you save money on your power bills and help contribute to a more sustainable future, contact us today on 1300 074 669, or click here for a no obligation call-back.

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