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Why Summer is a Great Time to Install Solar

Why Summer is a Great Time to Install Solar

Written by Infinite Energy

Summer is finally here which means there’s never been a better time to install your new solar PV system.

To find out why summer is the ideal time to invest in solar, read on.


Summer is Peak Generation Season

There’s no denying the stats – summer is the best season in terms of solar generation. This is thanks to longer average days, which means more sunlight for your panels to turn into free electricity.

Season Average Daylight Hours
Summer 13
Spring 11
Winter 7
Autumn 10


Summer is notorious for high energy bills, usually due to the following reasons:

Your air conditioner can run up to twice as long in summer as it does in other seasons to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. For example, in spring, if the temperate outside is 25°C and you have your AC set to 20°C, your AC has to cool your home just 5°C. In summer, if the outside temperature is 40 and you want to cool down your house to the same level, your AC has to cool your home by 15°C. The longer and harder your AC has to work, the more electricity your AC will be using.

With children home from school and a number of special occasions on the calendar (Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Australia Day, etc) general electricity usage will be on the rise, due to an increase in cooking, festivities and socialising.

Installing your system in such a solar friendly season means you can start utilising your very own generation straight away. This will help to offset high energy bills associated with increased air-conditioner and general appliance use in the warmer weather, resulting in substantial savings.


STC Phase Out

Solar government incentives, also known at STCs , are gradually being phased out and the next reduction to the rebate is planned take effect from January 1st 2021. By installing your system in the early summer months, you can secure the current STC incentives and maximise your savings off the upfront cost of your new solar PV system.

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