Meet the Infinite Energy Team: HSEQ Manager - Glen Broadbent & Solar Quality Control Technical Officer - Robert Vipers | Infinite Energy

Meet the Infinite Energy Team: HSEQ Manager – Glen Broadbent & Solar Quality Control Technical Officer – Robert Vipers

Meet the Infinite Energy Team: HSEQ Manager - Glen Broadbent & Solar Quality Control Technical Officer - Robert Vipers

Written by Infinite Energy

Our staff are what makes Infinite Energy great! With a passion for renewable energy, innovation and quality, our team are dedicated to helping Australian households and businesses achieve better energy independence.

In this month’s staff profile, we chat to Glen and Rob from our HSEQ & Quality Control team.

1. Tell us about your current role at Infinite Energy?

Glen: I am the HSEQ & Install Manager. I oversee all things Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Install Management related aspects for Infinite Energy. I ensure that we have the right systems and processes in place to provide a safe work place and a high quality standard of installations.

Rob: My role is Solar Quality Control Technical Officer. I conduct random site inspections during the installation process and after the systems are installed to ensure quality and compliance with standards and regulations. I also provide technical support to the Infinite Energy team members and contractors.


2. What do you find most interesting about your role?

Glen: Generally being a part of the growth within HSEQ for Infinite Energy. There is always something to learn and finding new ways on how we can improve.

Rob: Every day is different and poses new challenges and locations.


3. How do your roles crossover and how do you work together?

Our roles essentially go hand in hand. Our safety management system reflects that we as an organisation complete projects safely and ensure they are completed to a high standard. We work together to ensure a safe job results in a quality job.

Having our roles in-house provides a real benefit as well, as we can collaborate extensively, and this helps us to provide a holistic approach to our work.


4. Tell us about your previous roles, and how you got to where you are today?

Glen: I have come from an extensive mining background. Starting from the ground floor and working my way through the ranks as a safety professional. I specialised in Safety Management Systems including Training, Frontline Leadership, Compliance and Mines Emergency Response.

Rob: After college in the UK I had a five-year career in IT before retraining as an electrician. I have been working in the in the electrical industry for 14 years. Since arriving in Western Australia I have also worked up through the ranks from general electrician, then specialising in Solar for the last seven years during which time I installed solar PV systems. I was then in the service department for 4 years, and the last 3 years in Commercial PV project management.


5. How do you carry the skills you learnt in your previous roles into your current role with Infinite Energy?

Glen: There are a lot of similarities from my previous roles that exist within my current role, such as managing risks in Working at Heights and Electricity, ensuring the organisation provides a safe workplace and continuously improving HSEQ processes. The methodology may vary, but generally the roles are very similar.

Rob: My previous roles have an overlap in my current role assessing installations for compliance and quality. I also have a wealth of knowledge obtained from years of electrical fault finding and system design.


 6. How does HSEQ differ between commercial and residential installations?

Glen: The foundational elements for HSEQ do not change. However, residential and commercial have their own inherent risks. Commercial projects are larger and require a greater level of planning and resources which inherently comes with greater risks, such as working from heights and generally higher voltage electricity. Residential projects are smaller and are completed in a shorter time-frame than commercial, but they are not without their risk. The roof layouts, roof access and egress, heights, electricity and weather all pose potential hazards that we need to address to ensure a safe and high-quality standard.


7. The quality of a solar installation is just as important as the system components. What questions should people ask their solar company to be assured that the quality of their installation will be completed to the highest standards?

Rob: Consumer’s should ask their intended Solar installation company whether they complete an Earth Fault Loop Impedance test. This test is required by AS/NZS 3000. It demonstrates that the installer is trained and competent, and provided they can identify the result is within permissible values, shows that their existing electrical infrastructure Multiple Earthed Neutral (MEN) is intact and safe.


8. One of Infinite Energy’s core values is Integrity. How do you think we demonstrate integrity as a business?

Integrity is the heartbeat of the organisation. Being open, honest, and transparent is important to Infinite Energy. This emanates throughout our interactions with the customer and contractor network. Loyalty from our customers and contractor network is a direct reflection on Infinite Energy and its commitment to being integral.


9. Is there anything else we should know about your role or the work that you do?

Within our roles, having a clear understanding of current legislation and industry best practice is a constant evolving environment that we need to stay in-touch with. For example, there are nine Australian Standards that are being reviewed by the Australian Standards committees that are directly relatable to the Solar PV industry. Currently there is also the new Work Health & Safety Bill that is in its final stages of parliament.


On a more personal note…

10. What is your favourite way to spend your weekend?

 Glen: Generally spending time with the family. I do like to stay active though. Weather depending, I like going fishing, having a surf, kicking the footy or playing some golf and then enjoy relaxing on the couch watching the footy or a movie.

Rob: I love going to the 4x4 access beaches, such as Wilbinga or Wedge with the family and friends, relaxing and playing by the ocean. Or if the weather is poor, playing board games like Catan, with family and friends.



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