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RAC Electric Highway in Western Australia

RAC Electric Highway in Western Australia

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Rac electric highway


About the RAC Electric Highway

RAC has created Australia’s very first Electric Highway, giving WA driver’s the ability to travel the state in the safest and most sustainable way possible.

The Electric Highway makes up part of RAC’s sustainable mobility program, with the aim of helping to reduce CO2 emissions from cars in both Perth and the South West.

Since its inception in 1905, RAC has been at the forefront of making our roads safer and more sustainable. While electric vehicles are cheaper to run and maintain than their petrol vehicle counterparts, their limited range has been a barrier to not only purchasing EVs, but also the decision to drive them on extended trips.

The RAC Electric Highway changes this, giving EV drivers the security and peace of mind to travel from Perth all the way down to Augusta without any issues. 

The Electric Highway was funded and commissioned by the RAC, and all the individual charging stations are owned and maintained by local governments.

Pat Walker, RAC Executive General Manager, said the Electric Highway is a tangible contribution towards the growth of EVs in the state, “It will provide the infrastructure required to help eliminate the issues currently facing owners of electric vehicles, including ‘range anxiety’ and, for the first time, it will also provide the opportunity for electric vehicles to now visit the state’s south west.

“RAC is committed to promoting environmentally-friendly transport options and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The RAC Electric Highway is another step on the road to a sustainable future.”


Where Are the RAC EV Charging Stations Located?

The RAC Electric Highway currently has the following 12 locations located across the Perth Metro and South West regions:


RACWA Building on 832 Wellington Street


75 Mandurah Terrace


Hayward Street


Symmons Street Carpark


Town Centre


Foreshore Carpark


Dunn Bay Road


Adam Street

Margaret River

Corner of Wallcliffe Road and Station Road


Blackwood Avenue Carpark






The Technology Behind RAC’s Electric Highway

All charging stations are equipped with publicly accessible electric vehicle fast-charging DC chargers, that can fully charge an EV battery in just 15 to 30 minutes.

Unlike Level 1 and Level 2 AC charging stations which utilize a charger on-board your EV to convert the AC power to DC voltage for charging, DC charging stations bypass the on-board charger, directly feeding the DC voltage straight to your EV’s battery. This effectively cuts charging times down from hours to just minutes.

DC Fast Charges also allow a communication link between the EV to be established, allowing the EV to control the charging session, and tell the charger how much current is needed to charge its battery. The result – smarter charging for your vehicle.


How the Electric Highway Works

RAC’s Electric Highway is available to all EV users in WA. To charge your vehicle, you’ll simply need a RFID card to activate the chargers.

To get a card, contact ChargeStar by visiting www.chargestar.com.au or calling 1300 661 895.

Once you’ve received your card, you simply need to pull into a charging station, scan your card, and then charge up.

Infinite Energy offers EV Charging solutions for private, strata, commercial and public use, with fuss-free installation and set-up. If you’re interested in learning more about EV charging, click here, or call us on 1300 074 669.


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