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What are Hybrid and Battery Inverters?

What are Hybrid and Battery Inverters?

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hybrid and battery inverters

In order to purchase a solar battery storage system for your home, or add a battery to your existing solar system, you’ll need a hybrid inverter. You also have the option to install a separate battery inverter alongside your string inverter, like SMA Sunny Boy Storage, which combined perform the same functions as a hybrid inverter.

Like a standard solar inverter, a hybrid inverter converts the DC power your solar system generates into AC power, which can be fed directly into the grid, or used to power your home appliances.

Unlike a standard solar inverter, a hybrid inverter can also send excess DC power to be stored in your battery. It can then draw on and convert this into AC power to supply the appliances in your home when required. This usually happens at night time, when your solar system is not producing any electricity.

At Infinite Energy, we stock hybrid inverters from Fronius and SolarEdge, plus battery inverters from SMA.



Fronius currently stock the Symo Hybrid Inverter, which is suitable for three-phase homes only.

With Dynamic Peak Manager to optimise production in shaded conditions; snap inverter technology for easy serviceability; simultaneous DC and AC coupling for increased efficiency; and a user-friendly interface, the Fronius Symo Hybrid Inverter is one of the most reliable and efficient hybrid inverters available.

Model: Fronius Symo Hybrid Inverter
Suitable for: Three-phase homes
Power categories: 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0kW
Compatible with: Fronius Batteries and Tesla Powerwall
Country of manufacture: Austria
Warranty: 5-year parts & labour warranty, and free 5-year parts extension when registered online
Retrofit capable: Yes
Canadian Solar Yes
Max. efficiency (PV - grid): 3.0kW inverter – 97.7%
4.0 & 5.0kW inverter – 97.9%
Max. efficiency (PV - battery – grid): >90%

Infinite Energy is proud to be an authorised Fronius Service Partner. This means in the unlikely event of a claim being made, we can supply and install replacement parts at your home, reducing any downtime and/or missed savings.

Fronius Primo Hybrid for single phase homes will be available in early 2017.



StorEdge is SolarEdge’s hybrid inverter. Delivering maximum self-consumption thanks to its export limit feature and time of use shifts, plus inbuilt monitoring of battery status, PV production, remaining backup power, and self-consumption, StorEdge allows you to take complete control of your energy usage while maximising your electricity savings.

Currently, StorEdge is the only inverter available in WA that is compatible with Tesla Powerwall. (While other hybrid inverters may be compatible with Tesla Powerwall, they are not approved for installation in WA.)

Model: SolarEdge StorEdge Hybrid Inverter
Suitable for: Single-phase homes
Power categories: 5.0 and 6.0kW
Compatible with: Tesla Powerwall
Country of manufacture: Canada
Warranty: 12-year warranty, with an option to extend to 20 or 25 years
Retrofit capable: Yes
Canadian Solar Yes
Max. inverter efficiency  97.6%

To add the StorEdge Hybrid Inverter to systems with a SolarEdge three phase inverter, or a non-SolarEdge single or three phase inverter; the StorEdge AC Coupled Inverter may be used.



SMA currently offer Sunny Boy Storage and Sunny Island 3.0M / 4.4M Battery Inverters for domestic use. Unlike Hybrid Inverters, Battery Inverters are added and work alongside your standard solar inverter. This makes SMA a great choice for retrofit battery installations.

Thanks to its flexible applications, quick and straightforward one-person installation, and highly intelligent battery management system, Sunny Boy Storage one of the most cost-effective battery inverters on the market.

Model: SMA Sunny Boy Storage 
Suitable for: Single-phase homes
Power categories: 2.5kW
Compatible with: Tesla Powerwall, additional batteries to follow
Country of manufacture: Germany
Warranty: 10 years
Retrofit capable: Yes
Canadian Solar Yes
Max. inverter efficiency  97%


Deciding which hybrid or battery inverter is right for your system will depend on a number of factors including your system size, what phase your home is, and your battery of choice. Plus, you’ll have to adhere to Western Power rules and regulations.

For expert advice on batteries and inverters for your home, request a no obligation callback from one of our expert energy consultants.

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