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WCE Captain Shannon Hurn Invests in a Solar PV System from Infinite Energy

WCE Captain Shannon Hurn Invests in a Solar PV System from Infinite Energy

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shannon hurn solar

West Coast Eagles Captain, Shannon Hurn, has invested in a Solar PV System from Infinite Energy.

Shannon cites lowering his energy bills and carbon footprint as main motivators behind investing in his brand new 5.2kW SunPower system, “With such great weather in Perth it seems silly not to install a system and take advantage of all the free solar energy available. Plus, helping the environment is a great bonus.”

Shannon chose to install his new system with Infinite Energy, due to our no pressure, easy going approach, “The whole process with Infinite Energy has been extremely smooth and easy going. They took care of all the Synergy and Western Power application processes, leaving me to stay focused on the upcoming 2017 pre-season.”


SunPower 327W Panels

For his system, Shannon chose SunPower’s renowned 327W panels. The highest efficiency panels on the market today, SunPower 327W panels are also the most reliable, with only 27 out of one million panels being return under warranty.

In the very unlikely event that Shannon’s panels are one of the 0.00027% that require servicing/replacement, SunPower’s industry leading 25-year product warranty will cover all associated parts and labour costs.

According to Shannon, this was a big factor in selecting SunPower panels, “SunPower’s warranty gives me the peace of mind that if anything went wrong with my system, I wouldn’t be out of pocket and my system wouldn’t be out of action for long.”

Thanks to SunPower’s patented MaxeonTM cell technology, the 327W panel averages just 0.25% power loss per year over the first 25 years, and exceptional low-light performance to provide outstanding energy delivery.

Boasting a useful life of 40 years, Shannon can expect his SunPower panels to operate at more than 70% of their original rated power (229W) in 2056.

shannon hurn solar


SolarEdge Power Optimisers

SolarEdge’s revolutionary power optimisers were installed on the back of each SunPower 327W panel in Shannon’s system.

Similar to micro inverters in many ways, power optimisers differ in that instead of replacing a string inverter, they actually work in conjunction to enable maximum energy to be harvested from every panel in a system.

According to Shannon, the decision to install power optimisers was made due to the partial shading on his roof, “I wasn’t sure if solar would be a good investment due to some partial shading caused by a neighbour’s tree. However, Infinite Energy assured me that with SolerEdge Power Optimisers, any panels that perform a bit less due to shade will not affect the output of panels under full sun, like in a traditional solar PV system set-up.”

Designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions, SolarEdge power optimisers alleviate all types of power loss mismatches between panels, whether caused by manufacturing tolerance or shading. This means that Shannon’s system will perform exceptionally well, despite any shading during daylight hours.

Thanks to SolarEdge’s monitoring portal, Shannon will also be able to monitor the individual performance of each module for enhanced, cost-effective module-level maintenance. And, just like SunPower panels, SolarEdge power optimisers come with a 25-year warranty for added peace of mind.

 shannon hurn inverter


SolarEdge Single Phase Inverter

Shannon’s system has been installed with two 2.2kW SolarEdge single phase inverters. Specifically designed to work in conjunction with power optimisers, SolarEdge inverters deliver superior efficiency, excellent reliability, and come with an industry leading 12-year warranty (extendable to 20 or 25 years).

Compact, lightweight and a breeze to install, SolarEdge inverters are rated for both indoor and outdoor installation, and Shannon will easily be able to monitor his inverters and system wirelessly.

Plus, the inverters can easily be upgraded to StorEdge, allowing Shannon to quickly and seamlessly install a solar battery in the future if he wishes to do so.

shannon hurn


SolarEdge Modbus Meter

In order to monitor his usage more closely, Shannon has also opted to install a SolarEdge Modbus Meter. This will allow Shannon to view his new solar PV system’s production, his overall consumption (both grid and solar), and exported solar electricity.

With the ability to monitor his usage in real-time, Shannon hopes to limit the amount of energy he purchases from the grid and increase the utilisation of his free solar generation, effectively maximising his savings.

“Thanks to the SolarEdge Meter, I’ll be able to monitor my electricity usage in real time. Hopefully this will allow me to increase my solar savings, and lessen the amount of energy I have to buy from the grid.”

Even though Shannon expects to be out training on most weekdays, by carefully adjusting his usage to occur during daylight hours (switching the aircon to start in the late afternoon before he gets home, setting the dishwasher in the morning before leaving the house, etc), Shannon will still see significant savings on his electricity bills.

shannon hurn solar

If you’re interested in a similar system for your home, request a no obligation callback by clicking here, or giving Infinite Energy a call on 1300 074 669.


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