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Why Spring is a Great Time to Install Solar

Why Spring is a Great Time to Install Solar

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It’s finally spring and with the warmer weather on its way, more and more people are starting to consider if they should invest in a solar power system for their home or business.

While at Infinite Energy, we know that anytime is a great time to invest in solar power, spring is a particularly fantastic time to install a solar power system, read on to learn why.

Peak solar production

Spring is the second-best season for solar power production, with summer being the highest, making it a great time to install your solar energy system.

For example, last spring (2020), Perth saw a mean maximum temperature of 23.9 °C and average daylight hours of 12, which are excellent conditions for solar power generation.

This means by installing your solar power system in spring, you’ll get to see and experience the great results and savings of your new investment straight away.

Get ready to offset high summer energy bills

By installing your new solar energy system in spring you are giving yourself the opportunity to take advantage of the great weather and associated high production rates of summer.

This will help you offset the high energy bills that are associated with increased air-conditioning use, resulting in substantial savings. With solar power, you don’t need to worry about the cost when you can use your air-conditioning during the hottest hours of the day, as that is when solar power production is at its peak. So all you need to do is sit back and relax!

STC phase out

Due to the phase out of the government solar rebate, otherwise known as STCs, we recommend you install your solar power system as soon as possible to ensure you benefit from the maximum rebate available.

By installing your solar energy system this spring, you’ll secure the current STC incentives and maximise your savings.

Beat the summer rush

With great weather and long stretches of sunny days, investing in solar power comes to the forefront of many consumer’s minds in the summer months. By installing your solar power system in spring, you can beat the summer rush and enjoy the benefits of solar power while others are still on the waiting list!

Time to spring into action

With the STC phase out coming into effect and the great production rates of summer just around the corner, spring is the perfect time to invest in a solar PV system.

Installing in the spring months between September and November promises very high production rates and will have you ready to fully utilise your new solar power system, ready for the warmer months.

To find out how much solar power could save you on your electricity bills and to get in before the summer rush, request a no-obligation quote today or call us on 1300 074 669.

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