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SunPower Second Quarter 2019 Financial Update

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  1. SunPower Second Quarter 2019 Financial Update

    While there has been some talk within the solar industry that SunPower wasn’t doing well financially, their financial update for the second quarter of 2019 certainly says otherwise. SunPower returned to profitability in the second quarter, with a net profit of $121.5 million. Shares have increased by 300% this year, increasing from $5 per share […]

  2. Market Update: SunPower Stability

    SunPower Corp is a leading, innovative solar panel manufacturer with a 30+ year history. Known for their premium, highly efficient solar cells and collaborations with NASA and numerous world-record-setting solar projects, SunPower has earned their position amongst the top solar panels in the world. As with any tall poppy, some out there try and cast […]

  3. SunPower P-Series Residential Panels; Exclusive to Infinite Energy in Western Australia.

    SunPower is a leading global solar manufacturer, providing the highest performing solar power systems available. They are renowned for their high quality, durability and effective design, making them among the most efficient panels in the market. Founded in 1985, SunPower is an American company and is one of the longest running solar power companies. Its […]

  4. Case Study: SunPower and Fronius Residential Installation

    Peter, a WA resident based in Attadale, recently installed a 6.54kW SunPower and Fronius Solar PV System. Peter cites wanting to reduce his electricity as his main motivation behind installing a solar PV system, “I held off on installing solar for many years due to the high initial costs. However, with solar component pricing at […]

  5. SunPower Announces New Industry-Leading Warranty

    Boasting one of the best solar panel warranties in the world, SunPower has announced the industry’s leading maximum degradation rate in their new E and X-Series solar module warranties. Degradation is an industry term used to describe the decline in output that all solar panels experience over time. Guaranteeing maximum power performance and product quality […]

  6. SunPower’s New 360W Panel Exclusive to Infinite Energy

    SunPower’s most powerful panel ever, the X22-360W module, has arrived in Australia. As SunPower’s exclusive Premier Partner in WA, we will be the only solar provider stocking the panel in the entire state. Efficiency Above 22% With efficiencies of above 22%, the SunPower 360W module boasts one of the highest efficiency module ratings in the […]

  7. Infinite Energy is SunPower’s Exclusive WA Premier Partner

    Infinite Energy is proud to be SunPower’s exclusive premier partner in WA. Renowned for producing the highest efficiency, most reliable solar panels in the world, SunPower has partnered with Infinite Energy to offer their range of premium panels to Australian customers, now at the most affordable prices ever seen. SunPower recognised Infinite Energy’s extremely high […]

  8. SunPower & Fronius Home Solar Battery System: A Case Study

    In July 2016, Infinite Energy installed a 7.8kW Home Solar Battery System for Luke, a resident based in Mosman Park, becoming one of only a handful of homeowners in WA to install a Fronius Battery at his property. For his system, Luke selected 24 x SunPower 327W Panels and a Fronius Symo 5kW Inverter. Boasting the […]

  9. Turner 5.88kW SUNPOWER / IG60

  10. SunPower

    Thanks to advances in design techniques; SunPower’s solar cells and panels are some of the most powerful and efficient on the market today. Designed with patented SunPower Maxeon technology; their solar cells produce up to 50% more energy per square foot than other solar technologies, and are up to 3 times more reliable. Able to […]

  11. How Much of a Solar Panel Can Be Recycled?

    Certain parts of solar panels are, in fact, recyclable. Silicon-based panels and thin-film panels need to be recycled in separate schemes. Both have glass as their heaviest component, but 95% of the glass components in silicon-based panels are the most reusable. The silicon particles will then be broken down using acid and are now ready […]

  12. Drakesbrook Fine Wines (19kW)

    Drakesbrook Fine Wines was established in 1998, on a property located in the Peel region, about 2 hours from Perth. The Drakesbrook vineyard was specifically selected for its immaculate environment, elevation, abundant water supply and well drained gravely soil. Running a vineyard is an energy-intensive operation. Just like any business, owner Bernie Worthington needed to […]

  13. Quest Apartments (40kW)

    Quest Hotel Apartments are the ideal accommodation for travellers, both business and leisure. Each Quest Hotel Apartment comes complete with separate living, dining and sleeping areas, separate work stations and fully equipped kitchens and laundry facilities. Quest South Perth Foreshore provides a stunning accommodation experience for guests, offering unparalleled views over the Swan River and […]

  14. Why Do Solar Panels Degrade?

    Solar panel degradation refers to when a solar panel loses its power output over time. Often this period is measured against the products lifetime. While solar panel degradation is not ideal, a good quality solar panel will have low degradation rates that won’t affect the performance of your system too greatly. On average, a quality […]

  15. Osborne Park Suzuki & Renault (80kW)

    Osborne Park Suzuki, formerly trading as Premier Suzuki before they joined Regent Motors Group in 2016, have become a key dealership for Suzuki in WA. The dealership has a range of new and used vehicles, as well as an onsite service and repairs workshop. Due to their energy intensive operations, Osborne Park Suzuki needed to […]

  16. Verdant Apartments (20kW)

    The 21-storey apartment building located just minutes from Northbridge and the Perth CBD, is a luxurious development featuring 137 one and two-bedroom apartments. The building has a rooftop terrace with a private bar, dining space, yoga deck, pool, gym, sauna and its very own open-air cinema. With a strong emphasis on energy efficiency, the building […]

  17. Gotzinger Smallgoods(100kW)

    A Gold Coast-based smallgoods manufacturer, Gotzinger Smallgoods has over 110 years’ experience in the foodservice sector, supplying hotels, restaurants and local delis. Offering a huge range of bacon, sausages, and other deli smallgoods, Gotzinger’s purpose-built factory in Yalata consists of temperature controlled processing rooms, freezers and cold rooms. In an effort to make their business […]

  18. F & A Scarcella Transport (40kW)

    F & A Scarcella Transport is a family-owned transport business that has been running since the late 1960’s. The company began transporting grains, fertilisers and produce, but now specialises in refrigerated transport, including frozen foods and refrigerated fresh produce. In an effort to better manage their electricity bills and contribute to a more sustainable way […]

  19. Mountain Valley Produce (100kW)

    Mountain Valley Produce is a third generation stone fruit family farming business. Located in the Goulburn Valley of Victoria, the business is situated on a 300-acre farm which produces nectarines, pears, plums and peaches. The business operations are highly energy intensive, with the immediate freezing of the produce costing the business tens of thousands a […]

  20. MDA National (100kW)

    MDA National provides exemplary medical support, advice and insurance to medical practitioners, students and insureds. MDA is a national company with offices in each state. After extensive research, Infinite Energy were selected to install a 100kW SunPower and SMA system at the site. The system, installed in January 2018, will generate 162, 435kWh of clean […]

  21. Station Street Markets (125kW)

    Station Street Markets has recently undergone a redevelopment after it was closed in 2015. The new development includes retail, hospitality and apartments, providing a refreshed experience for the town of Subiaco. To provide a solution to tenants to better manage rising electricity costs, Station Street Markets decided to invest in a solar solution. After extensive […]

  22. Dolphin Discovery Centre (26kW)

    The Dolphin Discovery Centre is a facility based in Bunbury, WA, that allows tourists and members of the community to interact, understand and enjoy the group of dolphins that regularly visit the zone. Established in 1995, the Dolphin Discovery Centre (DDC) aims to promote research, conservation and education of the Bottlenose Dolphins and other native […]

  23. A. Hartrodt (99kW)

    A. Hartrodt is a global transport company offering a complete range of services for efficient international transport and logistics services. The company has clients in Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas and Industry Trade. To combat rising electricity costs and contribute towards a more sustainable environment, A. Hartrodt decided to invest in a renewable energy […]

  24. Kingsway Christian College (99kW)

    Kingsway Christian College is a private school located in Darch, WA. Since 1984, the school has built a reputation for providing a dynamic educational foundation and supportive community. The school caters for students from Kindy to year 12. To combat rising electricity costs and contribute towards a more sustainable environment, Kingsway Christian College decided to […]

  25. What Size Solar System Do I Need?

    Once you’ve decided to invest in solar, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. One of the first and most important decisions will be what size system to install. Below is a guide to help you understand what size system is best suited to meet your electricity requirements and future energy goals. Energy […]

  26. Attadale Physiotherapy Centre (15kW)

    The Attadale Physiotherapy Centre offers a wide variety of treatments for sport and health conditions. The centre has team of highly trained professionals that can offer services such as physiotherapy, podiatry, massage and rehabilitation. Just like any business, the Attadale Physiotherapy Centre needed a way to better manage their electricity usage. After contacting Infinite Energy, […]

  27. Yahava KoffeeWorks Margaret River (20kW)

    Yahava KoffeeWorks Margaret River is a haven for coffee fanatics. The KoffeeWorks site provides visitors with the experience to taste, purchase and learn about the famous Yahava Koffee. Offering some of the finest coffees in the world, the centre showcases the art and science of coffee roasting.  With a desire to reduce their electricity spend […]

  28. Awards & Trophies (40kW)

    Established in 1992, Awards and Trophies has grown from a business working out of one car garage in Brisbane into Australia’s largest trophy retailer. In July 2007 the business was relaunched as the industry’s first fully ecommerce website. With a showroom, production rooms, and warehouse all based at their Milton site, Awards and Trophies sought […]

  29. RAAF Base Pearce (40kW)

    The Royal Australian Air Force based in Bullsbrook, Western Australia, is the largest RAAF base in the state. It provides pilot training, as well as serving as an important logistics base. The RAAF provides military and aviation defence operations for Australia, and has a long, rich history of heritage and traditions. In order to better […]

  30. Escape Portal (13kW)

    Escape Portal is a dedicated e-sports venue, offering customers a unique space for online gaming. The centre provides high-tech gear including VR units, a range of consoles, computers and large screen projectors. Due to the large amount of electronic devices and technology used in the venue, Escape Portal needed to find a way to better […]

  31. Ashby Bar & Bistro (99kW)

    The Ashby Bar & Bistro is a popular local restaurant located in Ashby, WA. The venue provides exceptional food and an ideal space for sport-enthusiasts, with several large screen projectors and a TAB. Just like any business, the Ashby needed a way to better manage their electricity usage. After contacting Infinite Energy, they found that […]

  32. Forrestdale Farm Fresh Eggs (60kW)

    Forrestdale Farm Fresh Eggs has been a family-operated farm since 1990. Producing healthy, cage free eggs using only natural ingredients in their feed, Forrestdale Farm eggs are known to provide some of the freshest eggs available. In order to better manage electricity costs and do their part in contributing to a more sustainable environment, Forrestdale […]

  33. Infinite Energy and West Coast Eagles 2019 Official Partnership

    Last year was an undeniably amazing year for the West Coast Eagles, who were crowned winners of the 2018 Grand Final Premiership. Set for another great year ahead, Infinite Energy is excited to announce we have re-signed as an Official Partner for 2019. Thanks to our partnership with the West Coast Eagles, Infinite Energy are […]

  34. Hocart Lodge Aged Centre (100kW)

    Hocart Lodge Aged Care is a retirement village which provides living options for the elderly. The centre has 27 units available, designed to give residents independence and privacy while also offering quality care. Hocart Lodge Aged Care began in 1973 after the land was donated by Annie Corbett Hocart in memory of her late husband. […]

  35. South Perth Early Childhood Centre (20kw)

    South Perth Early Childhood Centre provides exceptional long-day care and education to children from birth up until 6 years old. The centre is a not-for-profit, and is solely focused on supporting the children, families, and staff. With a desire to be more environmentally focused and safeguard themselves against future price rises, South Perth Early Childhood […]

  36. Midland Physiotherapy (20kW)

    Midland Physiotherapy specialises in exercise therapy, sporting injury, back & neck pain, plus many more. The centre also provides various fitness classes from strength building, to Pilates to hydrotherapy. To combat rising electricity costs and contribute towards a more sustainable environment, Midland physiotherapy decided to invest in a renewable energy solution. After extensive research, Infinite […]

  37. West Coast BMW(100kW)

    West Coast BMW is a is a luxury car dealership offering a range of new and used BMW vehicles. The dealership provides a glamorous experience for customers, from their newly renovated showroom to the knowledgeable sales consultants on hand. West Coast BMW contacted Infinite Energy to design and install a solar PV system to help […]

  38. Timbacraft Furniture (17kW)

    Timbacraft Furniture has been designing and manufacturing custom, quality furniture for over three decades. The family-owned business specialises in creating individual pieces for their clients, using the finest craftsmanship. Just like any business, Timbacraft Furniture wanted to look at alternative ways to better manage their electricity bills and protect themselves against future price rises. They […]

  39. Bambury (33kW)

    Bambury is a popular bedding, linen and lifestyle business, and has been a wholesaler to the home textiles trade for 20 years. The company has also branched out into the commercial industry, providing quality textile products suitable for the hospitality, healthcare and institutional markets. Bambury has offices in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland. Bambury […]

  40. David Mullen Wine Agency (10kW)

    David Mullen Wines is one of Western Australia’s leading premium wine distributors. Established in 1992, the wine distributor manages the logistics of a number of wineries across Australia and the world, some whom they’ve been in partnership with for over 25 years. David Mullen owns and operates the winery, and only selects the highest quality […]

  41. Agmaster (39kW)

    Agmaster is the manufacturer and distributor of Harrington No-Till Seeding Systems, Presswheels and Rotary Harrows. The manufacturing facility is based in Welshpool, WA, and is equipped with the latest technology in their industry. Agmaster’s is dedicated to finding innovative and economically viable procedures for the farming and seeding industry. With a need to better manage […]

  42. Western Irrigation (40kW)

    If you live in Western Australia, chances are you’ve used products that have been watered by Western Irrigation. The company began its operations in 1969, and have expanded the company to where they are now servicing commercial and industrial sectors, local, state and federal government and a large portion of the mining industry, as well […]

  43. Andy Tilbury – November 2018

    I am very pleased with the whole experience with Infinite Energy and Mark. Mark is always at hand to answer queries.. even now… long after the installation. I own a two storey house in Quinns Rocks WA. As such, my useable roof area was very limited. This fact alone stumped the other suppliers. Mark came […]

  44. Anthony Begovich – November 2018

    I was very happy with my dealings with Infinite Energy’s consultant Justin Paul who was very knowledgeable, helpful and patient in answering my many questions and follow up queries. Zack and his crew from West State Electrical installed the system and did a great job including providing practical solutions to challenges faced at time of […]

  45. Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-operative (522kW)

    Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-Operative (Brolos) has supplied premium-quality Western Rock Lobster, to customers across the globe since 1950. Their new Welshpool Live Lobster Export Facility is the latest addition to the Co-op’s strategic network. Covering more than 4000m2, this purpose designed and built facility is the world’s largest rock lobster export facility. 80 tonnes of live […]

  46. Otherside Brewery (40kW)

    Otherside Brewing began in Fremantle, WA and has grown to become a popular name in craft beer. Originally the company began with just a single brew for a music festival, but quickly developed into a flourishing business. In an effort to better manage their electricity costs and high energy use, Otherside Brewing decided to invest […]

  47. Xtreme Ice Arena (40kW)

    Xtreme Ice Arena is a family owned and operated business, dedicated to providing top-class ice skating facilities to the community. The arena provides various services including ice skating and ice sports and is the only facility in the southern hemisphere to have bumper cars on ice. In a bid to combat rising electricity costs and […]

  48. Amaze’n Margaret River (20kW)

    Popular tourist attraction and venue for families, Amaze’n Margaret River is the only one of it’s kind in the South West region. The venue has half a hectare of Giant Hedge Maze, 18 Hole Mini Golf and five hectares of Botanical Gardens. In an effort to reduce energy overheads and support a more sustainable future, […]

  49. Eye5 Optometrists (11kW)

    Eye5 Optometrists is a small optometrist business located in Osborne Park, WA. Their focus is on providing personalised solutions for their customers visual needs, using the latest and most advanced eye technology. Eye5 has a small team of 3 optometrists, and offers a range of services for kids eye health, contact lenses, frames, and eye […]

  50. Is a Common Solar Misconception Holding You Back?

    Solar Power isn’t a new technology. It’s been around for decades and used across a variety of industries. It’s proved itself as a valuable advancement in energy production and has provided users with multiple benefits. While the idea of solar power is not new, old misconceptions that still surround the technology are preventing some people […]

  51. Josh’s House becomes Australia’s first residential beta site for the Fronius Symo hybrid inverter and LG Electronics RESU Chem battery

           About Josh’s House Josh Byrne is a widely respected sustainability practitioner and communicator, well known for his work on ABC TV’s Gardening Australia program. He has a unique and integrated approach to environmental design, community engagement and environmental communication projects, with over 20 years’ experience in the landscape design, sustainability and media industries. Josh’s […]

  52. Advances in Solar Panel Technology

    Solar panel technology has come a long way since its first invention using silicon cells in 1954. Back then, efficiency levels were at 4% – less than a quarter of what they are today. Thankfully, there have been many advances in technology to improve the performance and reliability of solar cells since then. In today’s […]

  53. JLV Industries (160kW)

    JLV industries is considered a market leader in cable belt conveyor systems, providing high quality maintenance and modification services to businesses across the globe. Their focus is on helping operational businesses with trusted advice to help maintain their systems and mitigate risk that could negatively affect a businesses bottom line. Due to the high energy […]

  54. International Cabinets (98kW)

    International Cabinets is an award-winning, family-owned business renowned for their custom-made furniture and cabinet making. The business has won various prestigious awards, which is a testament to their high-quality workmanship. International Cabinets contacted Infinite Energy with the need to cut down on their electricity costs. After a thorough examination into which system would suit the […]

  55. Albany Golf Course (32kW)

    Albany Golf Course is an eighteen-hole links style golf course, established in 1898 and is listed in the State Register of Heritage Places. The golf course is designed to resemble the traditional Scottish link course, the oldest style of golf course which is usually situated between beaches and land. Albany Golf Course has a strong […]

  56. Bannister Downs Dairy Creamery (100kW)

    Bannister Downs Dairy Creamery is considered a benchmark company in premium quality dairy production. The dairy farm is still family-owned and operated, nearly a century since it was founded. Located in Northcliffe, WA, the new Bannister Downs Creamery facility was completed in October 2018. The facility has a strong focus on environmental sustainability and awareness, […]

  57. Fusion Apartments (40kW)

    Fusion Apartments offer striking architectural design and stunning views of the Swan River. The 8 story building offers a choice of one and two bedroom apartments. Designed by acclaimed architect David Hillam, the sleek contemporary design of the building ensures that residents feel as though they are in their own, private oasis. The apartments are […]

  58. Geoff Merrill Wines (30kW)

    Located on a stunning 4-acre landscape of vineyards and gardens in South Australia, is the Mount Hurtle Winery. Purchased by talented winemaker Geoff Merrill in 1985, the winery has been producing internationally acclaimed wines ever since. The building, which was originally run down and used as a stable for many years, has since been restored […]

  59. Tranby College (99kW)

    Tranby College is an independent co-educational college for the Uniting Church in Baldivis, providing quality education for Kindergarten to year 12 students. Established in 1996, the school offers a range of opportunities for students to excel in their learning. In a bid to combat rising electricity costs and contribute towards a sustainable environment, Tranby College […]

  60. City of Rockingham – Aqua Jetty(290kW)

    The City of Rockingham – Aqua Jetty is a premier aquatic centre offering a range of aquatic pools, fitness centres and health facilities. The centre caters for those of all ages and fitness levels. Due to their high energy usage, the aquatic centre needed to look at alternative ways to manage their energy requirements. Infinite […]

  61. Sushi Train (53kW)

    Founded in 1993, Sushi Train Pty Ltd is well known for the unique Japanese dining concept of picking fresh sushi moving along a conveyor belt. Today, Sushi Train Pty Ltd has 49 restaurants across Australia and 2 in New Zealand. In an effort to tackle rising electricity overheads, Sushi Train Pty Ltd sought out an […]

  62. Lake Karrinyup Country Club (76kW)

    Lake Karrinyup Country Club is considered one of Western Australia’s premier golf clubs. The grounds boast a beautiful native backdrop of wildflowers, birds and kangaroos, located just 13km from the CBD. With a strong focus on preserving the environment, Lake Karrinyup Country Club chose Infinite Energy to install their solar PV system. The 76.56kW SunPower […]

  63. Varsity Joondalup (40kW)

    Varsity Bar is a popular American Collage themed venue, renowned for their mouth-watering burgers, wings and beers. The venues often showcase sport on TV and have a number of sorority and fraternity games such as pool and ping-pong for entertainment. With 3 locations across Perth, Varsity Bar is a popular dining experience for all ages. […]

  64. Prime House(70kW)

    Real Estate developer, Prime West aims to set the benchmark for commercial developments with their new eight-story, A-grade office development Prime House, in the Joondalup CBD. Anticipated to bring over 800 new employees to the area, the development will be tenanted by three Government departments – Water, Environmental Regulation and the Office of the Environment […]

  65. Blaxland Day ‘n’ Night Pharmacy(62kW)

    Blaxland Day ’n’ Night Pharmacy is a Blaxland local community pharmacy providing a range of health services including blood pressure testing, medical scripts, medications, medical certificates and more. The friendly, experienced and knowledgeable team of pharmacists and staff are dedicated to providing an outstanding level of service you can trust when considering your health. In […]

  66. McMahon Bros Farm (67kW)

    McMahon Bros is a third-generation family run business that grows a range of Certified Organic fruit and vegies, including stone fruit, apples, pears, snow peas and broccoli. As organic growers, they must adhere to strict rules and regulations to ensure the quality of their produce including no use of chemicals or nasty pesticides. At peak […]

  67. PFG Australia(100kW)

    PFG is a fully independent and privately-owned group of companies, who have a three-generation history of serving the New Zealand and Australian tractor and machinery markets. PFG sources leading tractor and agricultural machinery brands from around the world and distributes them through extensive dealer networks in Australia, New Zealand and America. Without exception, the brands […]

  68. Sundance by Psaros (156kW)

    Just 500m from one of Perth’s most iconic and popular beaches, Sundance by Psaros offers residents the ultimate coastal living lifestyle. Featuring a sun deck with resort-style pool, fully equipped gym, outdoor barbecue and lounge areas, high ceilings, premium finishes and more, the luxury apartment building is made up of 100 apartments over seven levels. […]

  69. TD Drafting Services(13kW)

    Based in Queensland, TD Drafting Services boasts a combined staff experience in structural steel detailing of over 150 years. In order to cut costs and make their business more competitive, TD approached Ininfite Energy for a solar solution. In 2018 we designed and installed a 13kW system that will generate 20,995kWh worth of clean electricity […]

  70. RJV(40kW)

    Founded in 1955, R.J. Vincent & Co. (RJV) is a proudly Western Australian owned company. Initially providing just bulldozing services to country areas of WA, RJV has since evolved to become one of the leading and most respected civil engineering contractors in the state. In order to cut costs and make their business more competitive, […]

  71. Patricia Kailis Center (60kW)

    Part of the Rocky Bay group, a leading provider of disability services, Patricia Kailis Center help people of all ages living with disability in Western Australia find job opportunities. In June 2017, Infinite Energy installed a 60kW system for Patricia Kailis Center that will generate over 97,700kWh of energy every year, and reduce annual CO2 […]

  72. Canadian Solar KuPower 300W Split Cell Panel

    Canadian Solar design, manufacture and distribute high quality solar products to customers in 90 countries. Having shipped more than 22GW worth of solar modules since 2001, Canadian Solar are one of the top three largest solar companies in the world. Canadian Solar employs over 8,900 people across 24 countries, and with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in […]

  73. Axon Electrical(30kW)

    Servicing both commercial and residential customers, Axon Electrical offer office/shop fitouts, dynalite services, and all aspects of aspects of fibre and communications cabling, and owner/builder developments. In order to cut costs and become more competitive, Axon Electrical approached Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In September 2017, we installed a 30kW system that will generate 48,890kWh […]

  74. Winechek(7kW)

    With two laboratories in Busselton and Perth’s Swan Valley, Winechek provides wine testing services to the wine industry of Western Australia, helping winemakers make informed decisions throughout the winemaking process. In order to cut electricity costs and make their Busselton laboratory more sustainable, Winechek contacted Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In X we designed and installed a 7kW […]

  75. St. Michael’s Catholic Primary School(25kW)

    St Michael’s Catholic Primary School is a single stream co-educational parish school with an enrolment of approximately 240 students from Kindergarten to Year 6. In order to cut energy bills and increase sustainability, St. Michael’s Catholic Primary School contacted Infinite Energy for a solar solution. The 25kW system we installed for St. Michael’s Catholic Primary […]

  76. West Coast Sheet Metal(70kW)

    Founded in 2006, West Coast Sheet Metal provides high quality fabrication, metal bending and laser cutting services to clients throughout WA, SA and the NT. In order to reduce their reliance on the grid, West Coast Sheet Metal approached Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In June 2017, Infinite Energy installed a 70kW SunPower system […]

  77. Twenty Two Services(13kW)

    Since 1984, Twenty Two Services has been the Australian distributor for Becker Acroma, a high end European coatings manufacturer. In order to cut costs at their Neerabup premises, Twenty Two Services contacted Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In June 2017, we designed and installed a 13kW SunPower system that will reduce Twenty Two Services’ annual […]

  78. Trenchbusters(16kW)

    Since being founded in 1992, Trenchbusters has grown from one Mini Excavator to its current thirty machines, trucks and temporary fencing. In order to reduce costs and increase sustainability,  Trenchbusters contacted Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In October 2017, we designed and installed a 16kW that will generate 26,520kWh worth of clean solar energy […]

  79. Town of Cambridge – Depot(10kW)

    The Town of Cambridge takes in the suburbs of City Beach, Floreat, Wembley, West Leederville and parts of Jolimont, Daglish, Mt Claremont and Wembley Downs. With a population of around 27,000 the Town spans over 22 sq km of which 474 hectares are parks, gardens and reserves.  In order to reduce costs at both their […]

  80. Town of Cambridge – Community Centre(25kW)

    The Town of Cambridge takes in the suburbs of City Beach, Floreat, Wembley, West Leederville and parts of Jolimont, Daglish, Mt Claremont and Wembley Downs. With a population of around 27,000 the Town spans over 22 sq km of which 474 hectares are parks, gardens and reserves.  In order to reduce costs at both their […]

  81. Pelagic Marine Services(40kW)

    In order to cut costs and make their business more sustainable, Pelagic Marine Services contacted Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In October 2017, Infinite Energy designed and installed a 40kW system that will generate annual electricity savings of $15,530, and pay for itself in just 2.7 years. Request Your Free Consultation   Company Pelagic […]

  82. St Catherine’s College(200kW)

    Founded in 1928, St Catherine’s College is an independent college within The University of Western Australia, which offers long and short-term accommodation to undergraduates, postgraduates, fellows and visiting academics. St Catherine’s College underwent major a redevelopment in 2014 that saw the introduction and improvement of common rooms, breakout areas, innovation hubs, study and tutorial rooms, […]

  83. Special Piping Materials(13kW)

    The leading global stockholder and supplier of pipes, fittings and flanges, Special Piping Materials supplies an extensive range of piping products in a variety of high-grade materials including Duplex, Super Duplex, 6% Moly, and Nickel Alloys. In order to cut costs at their Bassendean premises, Special Piping Materials contacted Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In June 2017, […]

  84. Southside Powder Coaters(83kW)

    Located in O’Connor, Southside Powder Coaters offer a range of powder coating services and systems. In order to cut costs at their factory, Southside Powder Coaters contacted Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In July 2017 we designed and installed three SunPower solar PV systems totalling 83kW in capacity. Together, the three system will reduce Southside […]

  85. Smales Jewellers (20kW)

    One of WA’s most experienced jewellers and watchmakers, Smales specialises in diamond jewellery, engagement rings and luxury Swiss watches. In order to reduce electricity costs and their Subiaco premises, Smales Jewellers contacted Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In August 2017 we designed and installed a 20kW SunPower system that will reduce annual electricity costs […]

  86. Shire of Boddington(25kW)

    Located within easy reach of the metropolitan area, the Boddington Shire boasts rural living at its best with essential services close at hand. In order to cut costs at their office, the Shire of Boddington contacted Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In July 2017 we designed and installed a 25kW system that will reduce […]

  87. Peter Moyes Anglican School(200kW)

    A low fee, co-educational day school, Peter Moyes Anglican Community School caters for students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12. Situated on a 12.5 Hectare site in Mindarie, Peter Moyes Anglican Community School offers a quality, holistic education presenting opportunities across a wide range of student interests and abilities. In order to reduce costs and make […]

  88. Perth Radiological Clinic – Rockingham(40kW)

    Perth Radiological Clinic Rockingham prides itself on providing the highest standard of diagnostic medical imaging with an unwavering focus on accuracy, professionalism, convenience and affordability. In order to reduce significant electricity bills related to the use of world-class diagnostic equipment, Perth Radiological Clinic – Rockingham approached Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In August 2017, Infinite […]

  89. Niche Cocktail Bar(20kW)

    Tucked away in Leederville, Niche Cocktail Bar is at the forefront of the sophisticated Perth’s bar scene. In order to cut costs and make their business more sustainable, Niche Bar approached Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In August 2017, we designed and installed a 20kW SunPower solar PV system that will reduce Niche Cocktail […]

  90. Murray Veterinary Services(12kW)

    Providing professional and comprehensive Equine Services to the regions of Serpentine, Mandurah, Pinjarra, Dwellingup, Waroona and Harvey, Murray Veterinary Services works to offer an innovative and up to date equine veterinary and breeding service.  In order to cut costs at their purpose built equine hospital, Murray Veterinary Services approached Infinite Energy for a solar solution. […]

  91. Microanalysis Australia (34kW)

    Established in 2008, Microanalysis Australia was founded with a vision of creating a commercial characterisation consulting laboratory committed to making comprehensive analytical and chemical science techniques accessible to all levels of industry. In order to cut costs at their state-of-the-art laboratory, Microanalysis Australia contacted Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In August 2017, we designed […]

  92. McIntosh & Son (40kW)

    Founded in 1955, McIntosh & Son is a leading Australian machinery dealership specialising in agricultural, construction, grounds care equipment, sales, finance, service and parts. In order to cut costs and continue providing customers with an exceptional service at low cost, McIntosh & Son contacted Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In August 2017, we designed […]

  93. Mandalay Resorts (78kW)

    Situated between Busselton and Dunsborough, Mandalay Holiday Resort & Tourist Park offers a unique beach resort feel with high quality, self-contained accommodation. In order to cut costs and make their resort more sustainable, Mandalay Resorts contracted Infinite Energy to install a 77.83kW SunPower system. Installed in September 2017, the system will reduce annual electricity costs […]

  94. The Aspire Centre (27kW)

    A fully serviced office centre located in Welshpool, The Aspire Centre provides clients with all the benefits of a professional CBD office setup, with the convenience of being located in the suburbs. In order to reduce their costs and remain competitive, The Aspire Centre contacted Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In August, 2017, Infinite […]

  95. JJ Leach Group (40kW)

    The JJ Leach Group comprises of three core business arms, retail property consultancy, venture capital and property development. In order to reduce costs, JJ Leach Group approached Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In June 2017, we installed a 40kW system will which reduce JJ Leach Group’s CO2 emissions by 51 tonnes. Request Your Free […]

  96. Gateway Alkimos Beach – Stage 2 (40kW)

    The Gateway Alkimos Beach Shopping Precinct is an exciting new shopping destination coming to the heart of Alkimos. Home to an IGA and a range of specialty stores including a pharmacy, hairdresser, swim school, gymnasium, medical centre, liquor retailer, and various food outlets, the centre will bring a range of much needed services to the […]

  97. Edgecombe Brothers(25kW)

    A delightfully rustic Perth winery restaurant located in the Swan Valley, Edgecombe Brothers has become popular thanks to its fantastic fresh produce, delicious cafe restaurant menu, and premium table wines. In September 2017, Infinite Energy installed two solar PV systems for Edgecombe Brothers totalling 25kW. Request Your Free Consultation Edgecombe Brothers Barrel Shed Edgecombe Brothers Cafe […]

  98. Drakesbrook Hotel(9kW)

    Situated in the picturesque town of Waroona in WA, Drakesbrook Hotel is just an 80-minute drive from Perth, and is a stone’s throw from the picturesque Preston Beach and Lake Clifton. Recent accommodation upgrades, plus an outdoor pool, in-house guest laundry and our fully licensed restaurant, meant Drakesbrook Hotel were facing ever increasing energy prices. […]

  99. Diversus(9kW)

    Found in 2006, Diversus is a wholly Australian owned and operated business which actively supports the local IT community. With a desire to deliver quality work in an ethical manner, Diversus works with businesses to deliver planning and technological services. In order to reduce costs and keep their business competitive, Diversus contacted Infinite Energy for […]

  100. How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

    Solar Panel Price Trend Since 2010, the price of installing solar PV systems has dropped significantly, in large part thanks to a significant reduction in solar panel costs. In the last few years, prices for solar panels have fallen much faster and further than expected. The Chinese economy has played a major role in this price […]

  101. Carey Baptist College(100kW)

    Established in 1996, Carey Baptist College, has grown to house more than 1,400 students on their 10 hectare site in Harrisdale. In order to cut costs and teach their students the importance of sustainable practices, Carey Baptist College invested in a 100kW system from Infinite Energy. Installed in April 2017, the new system will reduce […]

  102. Applecross Periodontics(14kW)

    Established in 1999, Applecross Periodontics provides specialist periodontal services to dentists and their patients in a convenient relaxed environment. With extensive renovations in both 1999 and 2006 to accommodate the growing practice, Applecross Periodontics sought a way to sustainably reduce their electricity costs. In November 2017, Infinite Energy designed and installed a 14kW solar PV […]

  103. Davies Apiaries(20kW)

    A family owned and operated business, Davies Apiaries has been producing quality honeybee products for over 40 years. With a central plant extraction facility situated in Baldivis and over 700 beehives in 350 apiary sites throughout the South West, Davies Apiaries sought a solution to both reduce energy costs and make their facility more sustainable. In July 2017, […]

  104. Financial Advisors Australia(13kW)

    Financial Advisers Australia provides financial consultancy services including investing, financial planning, salary packaging, insurance, superannuation, wills and estate planning. In order to reduce costs and keep their services affordable, Financial Advisors Australia approached Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In July 2017 we designed and installed a 13kW system that will reduce Financial Advisors Australia’s […]

  105. Cox Architecture(32kW)

    A multidisciplinary Australian practice which integrates architecture, planning, urban design and interior design, COX Architecture has offices in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Kuala Lumpur, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Muscat. In order to cut costs and make their business more competitive, Cox Architecture approached Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In April 2017, […]

  106. CF Direct(25kW)

    A private, Australian owned and managed company, CF Direct was established in 2004. Starting out in WA, CF Direct now have offices in each state of Australia, as well as Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, and are continuing to expand across the region. A specialist, direct provider of corporate soft services, CF Direct […]

  107. Cash Generator Midland(19kW)

    A Pawn Shop located in Midland, Cash Generator Midland sought a way to slash their energy bills and make their business more competitive. After careful research, they approached Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In August 2017, we installed a 19kW Canadian Solar system that will reduce their annual electricity bills by $5,430, and pay […]

  108. Associated Laundry Services(20kW)

    A full service commercial family owned and operated commercial laundry, Associated Laundry Services prides itself providing a reliable and quality service to the Perth metro and regional areas. In order to cut costs at their Maddington factory, Associated Laundry Services approached Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In June 2017, we installed a 20kW system which […]

  109. Flexi Investments(39kW)

    In order to cut costs and make their business more sustainable, Flexi Investments invested in a 39kW Solar PV system from Infinite Energy. With an annual energy output of 64,090kWh, going solar has reduced Flexi Investments former grid spend by more than 51%. Request Your Free Consultation Company Flexi Investments Location Jandakot Installation Date 11 […]

  110. ATP Solutions(25kW)

    ATP Solutions designs, engineers and integrates fire detection and suppression systems and associated warning systems. ISO9001 certified and members of the Institute of Fire Engineers of Australia and National Fire Industry Association, ATP serves the oil & gas, mining, resources, construction, power, manufacturing industries and government sectors. In order to cut costs at their Rivervale office, […]

  111. Densford Civil(20kW)

    A leading WA construction contractor, Densford Civil have built a reputation in project management, civil engineering and construction.  Established in 1991, Densford Civil offer industry-leading ERP, management systems, plant and equipment services. In order to become more competitive, Densford Civil approached Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In November 2017 we installed a 20kW SunPower system […]

  112. City of Perth – Depot(39kW)

    Providing essential landfill/general waste and recycling collection services, the City of Perth services all residential and commercial properties in the City of Perth. In order to cut costs and make their Depot more sustainable, the City of Perth selected Infinite Energy to design and install a solar solution. In June 2017, we designed and installed […]

  113. City of Mandurah – Works & Services(32kW)

    Located in the Peel region, the City of Mandurah – Works & Services offer both Home and Community Support and Child and Adolescent Community Health. Integral community services, City of Mandurah approached Infinite Energy for a solution to keep costs down. In June 2017, we installed a 32kW system that will reduce the City of […]

  114. City of Mandurah – Billy Dower(26kW)

    Billy Dower Youth Centre offers a number of youth agencies and service providers including, free confidential health services for young people, in-school mentoring program, confidential counselling, and South Metropolitan TAFE. In order to continue providing free services, City of Mandurah contacted Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In June 2017, we installed a 25kW solar […]

  115. City of Subiaco – Rosalie Park(11kW)

    A sporting pavilion utilised by a number of local sporting associations, Rosalie Park is located adjacent to Kings Park, and is the city’s primary team sporting facility. Rosalie Park’s facilities including several club rooms, kitchen amenities, toilets, change rooms, meeting facilities and two pavilions. In an effort to offset electricity costs and become more sustainable, […]

  116. City of Subiaco – Library(13kW)

    Located on Rokeby Road, the City of Subiaco Library provides the local community with education and entertainment via books, magazines, DVDs, and eBooks. The Library also offers a host of additional services including internet facilities, children’s activities, book clubs and homework help. In an effort to offset electricity costs and become more sustainable, City of […]

  117. City of Subiaco – Lords(100kW)

    One of the leading recreation centres in Perth, Lords combines indoor community sport, health and fitness facilities, in addition to group fitness classes. With a two-level gym, 25m swimming pool, and several courts, Lords were facing high energy bills that only kept climbing. In an effort to offset electricity costs and become more sustainable, City of […]

  118. The Mews(7kW)

    A private apartment complex, The Mews is located in West Perth. In order to cut costs, The Mews contacted Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In November 2017, we installed a 6.54kW solar PV system that will reduce The Mews’ annual CO2 emissions my 8 tonnes, the equivalent of saving 31 trees. Request Your Free […]

  119. City Beach Tennis Club(9kW)

    A family-oriented club located close to the beach, City Beach Tennis Club is situated in a natural parkland amphitheatre protected from the wind. One of Australia’s best lawn tennis clubs, City Beach Tennis Club has built its excellent reputation on the quality of its grass courts, facilities and tennis services. Boasting 12 grass courts, 4 floodlit synthetic grass courts, […]

  120. AWTA Solar Production Reaches 1GWh

    About the AWTA The largest wool testing organisation in the world, the AWTA is comprised of three divisions, AWTA Raw Wool, AWTA Product Testing and Agrifood Technology. Established in 1957, the AWTA aims to promote the sale of Australian wool, while at the same time providing an accurate and impartial testing service based upon internationally recognised […]

  121. Mount Lawley Golf Club(100kW)

    Conveniently located just 10 minutes from Perth City, Mount Lawley Golf Club is one of WA’s premier sporting clubs, boasting a championship golf course and outstanding member facilities. With a modern clubhouse and a course measuring 6,234 metres, Mount Lawley Golf Club is consistently ranked in Austalia’s top 100 courses, with a current ranking of 60 according […]

  122. Quality Blast and Paint(40kW)

    Offering abrasive blasting and industrial painting services, Quality Blast and Paint has experience working with backhoes, bobcats, compressors, lighting units, service vehicles, water tanks, tool and sea containers, vehicles, truck cabs, trays and tipper bodies, pumps, structural steel and trailers. In order to become more competitive and cut electricity costs, Quality Blast and Paint approached Infinite Energy […]

  123. Smart Start Educational Services(5kW)

    Smart Start Educational Services provide learning in a stimulating environment, based on Montessori and Accelerated Learning principles. Apart from learning the basics of reading, writing and mathematics, biology and geography, the children also have daily group activities doing brain gym, yoga, sports, French, Italian or German and music and movement. In order to reduce their […]

  124. Francis Jordan Catholic School(31kW)

    Situated north of Ocean Reef, Francis Jordan Catholic School first opened its doors to just 120 students in January 1995. In the last twenty years, Francis Jordan Catholic School has grown rapidly under the leadership of Foundation Principal, Mrs Sue Groves, to house more than 550 students in two streams from Kindergarten to Year 6.  In […]

  125. FIRMA Industries(13kW)

    In order to reduce on-site costs and make their business more competitive, FIRMA Industries selected Infinite Energy to design, install and commission a 100kW commercial solar system at their Rockingham workshop. In September 2017, we installed a 99.28kW SunPower system that will reduce their grid electricity usage by 51%, and save FIRMA Industries over $35,000 in annual […]

  126. Driftwood Estate(40kW)

    A boutique winery set in the stunning Wilyabrup sub-region of Margaret River, Driftwood Estate was established in 1989. Previously a country retreat, the winery has gone on to achieve overwhelming success, including a special commendation in 1993, being named as one of the best wineries in the Margaret River region in 2009, and been rated […]

  127. Gosnells Railway Markets(100kW)

    Since 1990, Gosnells Railway Market has been providing the community with a local, family friendly shopping alternative. Filled with locally owned and operated stalls selling everything from gifts, to home decor, rugs, watches and jewellery, quirky clothing, electronic games, collector cards, wedding dresses, ball gowns, sweets and lollies, and more, there’s something for everyone at […]

  128. CGC Engineering(100kW)

    In order to reduce on-site costs and make their business more competitive, CGC Engineering selected Infinite Energy to design, install and commission a 100kW commercial solar system at their Bassendean workshop. In September 2017, we installed a 99.28kW SunPower system that will reduce their grid electricity usage by 51%, and save CGC Engineering over $35,000 in annual […]

  129. STCs Scrapped for Replacement Solar Panels

    The Australian Government’s Clean Energy Regulator has announced they will no longer be issuing STCs for replacement panels installed on existing systems. This is a notable change to current regulations, as it affects panels under warranty, and even panels who are approved for STCs will no longer be eligible. The Clean Energy Regulator has decided […]

  130. Zarraffa’s Coffee Caloundra(13kW)

    Established in 1996 Zarraffa’s Coffee is is proudly 100% Australian owned ,with its head office based on the Gold Coast. Zarraffa’s is derived from the Arabic word ‘Zarafa‘ which translates to ‘Giraffe’, named after the Masai Giraffe which typically inhabits the savannahs of Kenya and Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. Originally just a single store in Southport on […]

  131. Stenhouse Lifting and Safety Solutions(35kW)

    A proudly Australian owned and operated company, Stenhouse Lifting and Safety Solutions supply, manufacture, inspect and test a vast range of auxiliary and height safety equipment. Established in 1997, Stenhouse services the mining, construction, engineering and urban utilities sectors, and achieved accreditation by the National Association of Test Authorities (NATA) for their adherence to appreciate standards […]

  132. Niche Food Microbiology(27kW)

    Established in 2012, Niche Food Microbiology began as a microbiology consultancy firm servicing the food industry. Five years on, NFM has forged strong relationships with customers in a range of fields including cheesemakers, cake and dessert makers, egg producers, small goods producer, and manufacturers of ready to eat meals. With a staff of 13, NFM […]

  133. Regents Garden(500kW)

    Offering world-class residential care and independent living bungalows, Regents Garden has been established with an aim to serve the elderly in our community in a professional and financially disciplined way. With no expense being spared in the creation of Regents Garden’s elegant facilities, and an experienced team of full time nurses, personal carers and support staff, […]

  134. Melville Glades Golf Club(40kW)

    Established in 1969, Melville Glades Golf Club is located just 20 minutes from the Perth CBD for extra convenience. A natural Australian bushland course, specific grasses have been chosen in order to provide the best playing surfaces for Perth’s unique climate and conditions. With more Members playing more rounds of golf than any other private […]

  135. Cervantes Pinnacle Apartments(40kW)

    A 3.5-star property, Cervantes Pinnacles Motel offers quality accommodation, value for money, comfort and friendly service in the beautiful seaside town of Cervantes. Offering a large range of well-maintained room types all equipped with reverse cycle air-conditioning, cooking facilities and the latest amenities, Cervantes Pinnacles Motel were faced with ever increasing energy bills. In order to […]

  136. Brownlea Holiday Apartments(20kW)

    Located in Northbridge, Brownlea Holiday Apartments are located in the centre of Perth’s nightlife and entertainment district. A short walk from many of the city’s best restaurants, pubs and clubs, Brownlea Holiday Apartments are also just 80 metres away from the peaceful Hyde Park. With a large swimming pool, and all apartments coming equipped with […]

  137. Aquaponics(15kW)

    Perth’s largest aquaponic and hydroponic retailer, Aquaponics WA is a family run business with over 30 years of experience. Open seven days a week, their Canning Vale warehouse boasts over 1,600 square meters of displays. In order to reduce costs and make their business more competitive, Aquaponics contacted Infinite Energy for a solar solution. In […]

  138. Ulan Market Garden(40kW)

    Located in Forrestdale, Ulan Market Garden is a wholesale plant nursery. Due to high electricity costs associated with their line of work, Ulan Market Garden approached Infinite Energy for a commercial solution. In December 2016, we installed a 40kW solar PV system which will reduce Ulan Market Garden’s electricity spend by $17,600. Request Your Free […]

  139. Knightline Computers(12kW)

    Australian owned and operated, Knightline Computers offer a wide range of services including virus cleaning, data transfers, hardware repairs, website creation, and diagnostics. Founded in 2001 in Narrogin, WA, Knightline Computers are proud to be an Education Integrator and can perform all aspects of IT support for any school, college or education department. In an […]

  140. Auto Control Systems(30kW)

    Based in Welshpool, Auto Control Systems offer a wide variety of services, including safety consultation, process control, system integration, data management, electrical servicing and maintenance, and automotive electrical systems. Since 2006, Auto Control Systems’ team of professional, accredited engineers have been committed to providing the best possible service to all customers. In order to become […]

  141. Custom Seafood Distributors(100kW)

    A Brisbane-based seafood wholesaler and processor, Custom Seafood Distributors has over 40 years combined experience in both domestic and export markets. Custom Seafood offers a huge range of fresh, live and frozen seafood, and ships all over Australia. Their purpose-built 200 metre squared accredited facility boasts a temperature controlled processing room, live holding tanks, freezer […]

  142. Capital 555(13kW)

    Offering delicious bites in the heart of bustling Mt Lawley, Capital 555 is favourite amongst locals. In order to reduce energy costs and improve their carbon footprint, Capital 555 approached Infinite Energy for a solar solution. We designed and installed a 13kW system in April 2017 which will reduce their annual energy spend by over […]

  143. Eaton Home Hardware & Garden(10kW)

    Home of big brands, expert advice and top-notch service, Home Timber & Hardware has over 350 stores across Australia, with more than 80% located in regional areas. Looking for a way to cut costs and increase sustainability, their Eaton store began looking into solar. After due diligence, Infinite Energy was selected as their preferred solar […]

  144. Top Shelf Cabinets & Woodworking(10kW)

    Perth owned and operated, Top Shelf Cabinets & Woodworking provides high quality cabinet design and manufacturing for everything from residential installations and renovations, to small commercial projects. Boasting over 15 years of experience in all styles of cabinet making, all materials used are produced in Australia. From residential installations and renovations, to small commercial projects, […]

  145. South Lake Childcare Centre(12kW)

    Dedicated to the development and education of young Australian children, South Lake Child Care Centre has worked hard to build a strong reputation in the local community. With numerous play rooms, and an outdoor space, South Lake Childcare Centre investigated ways to lower their electricity consumption. After seeking out quotes from multiple solar supplies, Infinite Energy […]

  146. Prince of Wales Hotel(32kW)

    Located in the heart of Bunbury, the Prince of Wales Hotel has been a local institution since its founding in 1882. With onsite accommodation, a fully licenced bistro, lounge bar, TAB bar, and conference room, the Prince of Wales Hotel was continually battling rising energy bills. After a recent renovation, the Hotel took the opportunity […]

  147. Bunbury Turf Club(40kW)

    A South West institution, Bunbury Turf Club is home to the region’s thoroughbred racing and the XXXX Gold Bunbury Cup. With over 60 registered trainers, Bunbury Turf Club boasts elite racing and training facilities, and trained the 1999 Melbourne Cup winner, Rogan Josh. In an effort to reduce running costs, Bunbury Turf Club explored the […]

  148. Arteil Furniture(10kW)

    Since being founded in 1977, Arteil Furniture has grown from a small family business into one of the leading manufacturers of Australia made-seating. For the past 30 years, Arteil has gone from strength to strength, and after winning a tender in 1983 to supply the State Government with its office seating, continues to do so […]

  149. Aboriginal Alcohol and Drug Service(40kW)

    The Aboriginal Alcohol and Drug Service (AADS) was established in 1988 by a group of local Aboriginals who were concerned that mainstream services were not effectively responding to alcohol and substance abuse issues. Formerly known as the Noongar Alcohol and Substance Abuse Service (NASAS), the AADS offers counselling, family intervention, community development, education and drug […]

  150. Capricorn(100kW)

    Founded in 1974 by a small group of WA service station owners, Capricorn was formed to increase the group’s collective buying power and consequently level the playing field with the multinational oil companies.  Capricorn offers members a broad range of services including equipment finance, travel services and business protection. With over 16,000 members and over […]

  151. Mercy College(100kW)

    A Catholic co-education school offering education from Kindergarten to Year 12, Mercy College is home to more than 1,600 students and staff. Established in 1972 by the Sisters of Mercy, Mercy College’s exists on a 10 hectare sites, and boasts modern facilities, playing fields, and open grounds. In an effort to both lower electricity costs […]

  152. Spearwood Wool(19kW)

    One of Australia’s premier wool buyers and merchants, Spearwood Wool is crucial to the long-term survival of the WA wool industry. A longstanding institution, Spearwood Wool offers woolgrowers a viable alternative to traditional wool selling methods. Proud to be a 100% WA owned business, Spearwood Wool boasts unparalleled experience and knowledge in the state’s local […]

  153. Shading and Solar PV Systems

      Shading in the Traditional Solar PV Setup Solar cells produce electricity via the photovoltaic effect, where sunlight creates electricity in certain materials by knocking their outer electrons loose. Therefore, it makes sense that when a shadow is cast on a panel, whether by a tree or another building, it will decrease the amount of […]

  154. John Scarfe – Rockingham WA – December 2016

    I’d like to say that from having Dean Roberts come out and spend the time explaining the Solar, with his expert advice and depth of knowledge was far superior to any other company that gave me quotes. Dean was a pleasure to work with and told the truth, no lies about panels and systems like […]

  155. What Does Module Efficiency Mean?

    The Module Efficiency rating on your solar panel’s spec sheet measures the percentage of sunlight that hits your panel that is converted into usable electricity. The higher the efficiency rating, the less number of panels you’ll need to make up a system that meets your energy requirements.   Why is Module Efficiency Not 100%? Solar […]

  156. WCE Captain Shannon Hurn Invests in a Solar PV System from Infinite Energy

    West Coast Eagles Captain, Shannon Hurn, has invested in a Solar PV System from Infinite Energy. Shannon cites lowering his energy bills and carbon footprint as main motivators behind investing in his brand new 5.2kW SunPower system, “With such great weather in Perth it seems silly not to install a system and take advantage of […]

  157. The Difference Between Max Power at STC and Max Power at NOCT

    We’re often asked the difference between Max Power at STC and Max Power at NOCT, which are figures you will find quoted on a solar panel’s spec sheet. This blog will define both Max Powers, the difference between the two, and why they’re important pieces of data you should consider when deciding on your solar […]

  158. Tymeny Nominees(40kW)

    A private trust company located in the heart of Bull Creek, Tymeny Nominees provide family succession-oriented, commercial and philanthropic trust services. After receiving consistently high energy bills, Tymeny Nominees considered solar as a way to keep their overheads low. After diligent research, Infinite Energy was chosen as Tymeny Nominees’s preferred solar provider, in large part […]

  159. Magic Hand Carwash(31kW)

    Over the past 20 years, Magic Hand Carwash has washed over 5 million cars across Australia. In an effort to be more sustainable, their Bentley franchise began looking into solar. After diligent research, Infinite Energy were selected as their commercial solar provider due to our unparalleled experience in the commercial solar sector. In October 2016, […]

  160. Lawley’s Bakery – Malaga(40kW)

    A European style bakery, Lawley’s Bakery Cafe has 10 locations across Perth. Renowned for their hand moulded delicious traditional and sourdough breads, and mouth-watering cakes, pastries and biscuits, Lawley’s is a favourite, family-friendly spot for a coffee and bite to eat. In order to reduce overheads at their stores and make the business more financially […]

  161. Gateway Alkimos Beach – Stage 1(40kW)

    The Gateway Alkimos Beach Shopping Precinct is an exciting new shopping destination coming to the heart of Alkimos. Home to an IGA and a range of specialty stores including a pharmacy, hairdresser, swim school, gymnasium, medical centre, liquor retailer, and various food outlets, the centre will bring a range of much needed services to the […]

  162. Cockburn Central Hyundai(40kW)

    A privately-owned Hyundai dealership, Cockburn Central Hyundai is located just 25 minutes south of Perth’s CBD. Providing outstanding service and value for money for all clients, Cockburn Central Hyundai offer new models, demo vehicles, used cars, and fleet solutions, in addition to full servicing and parts. Facing high electricity bills, Cockburn Central Hyundai sought to […]

  163. St Emilie’s Catholic Primary School(40kW)

    Promoting life-long learning in a safe and nurturing environment, St Emilie’s Catholic Primary School provide a close community for students, staff and families.  In order to make their school more sustainable, and set a good example for students, St Emilie’s begun researching solar as an alternative energy source. After lengthy research, Infinite Energy was chosen […]

  164. KCM Cabinets (100kW)

    With over 20 years of cabinet manufacturing experience, KCM Cabinets is a proudly family owned business. In order to cut electricity costs and make their business more competitive, KCM Cabinets engaged with Infinite Energy for a solar solution. We installed a 40kW solar PV system in October 2016, that will generate annual savings of $9,000, […]

  165. Power Tolerance of Solar Panels Explained

      Your Solar Panel’s Spec Sheet From Tier 1 panels to high-efficiency modules, it can be confusing figuring out what really makes a solar panel high quality. Thankfully, an easy way to get around the marketing fluff is to simply take a look at a panel’s spec sheet. While it may seem intimidating at first, […]

  166. How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

    If you’re thinking of investing in a solar system, you’re probably wondering how many panels you’ll need for your home. However, because every home’s usage and electricity needs are different, we’ve created this blog to act as a general guide only. For expert, individual recommendations of panel amounts and system sizes, simply request a callback […]

  167. Tier 1 Solar Panels – What Does it Really Mean?

    Tier 1 Explained There’s a widely believed myth that when it comes to choosing the right solar panels, Tier 1 means good quality. And while Tier 1 is a great place to start when choosing your solar panel brands, the truth is not all Tier 1 panels are created equal. To begin, let’s take a […]

  168. Beware of High Efficiency Solar Panels

    Why beware of something that’s “high efficiency” especially when it comes to solar panels? Because the term “High Efficiency Solar Panels” is a dirty tactic used by some solar companies to fool you. It’s a term solar panel installers and some solar retailers use to describe products they don’t want you to know anything about or […]

  169. Solar Power in Sydney

    Infinite Energy Sydney – 10,000+ Installations Across Australia One of the largest providers of commercial and residential solar PV systems in Australia, Infinite Energy is also one of only a handful of solar companies to have achieved both Clean Energy Council’s Approved Solar Retailer status and be ISO 9001 Certified. Since being founded in 2009, Infinite […]

  170. Solar Power in Perth

    Solar Panels Perth – 15,000+ Installations and Counting! Infinite Energy is one of the largest providers of Solar Power systems in Australia and one of only a handful of solar companies awarded the Clean Energy Council’s Approved Solar Retailer status. Founded in WA in 2009, Infinite Energy has offices in Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney.  We have installed solar […]

  171. How to Choose the Right Solar Installer

    If you’ve made the decision to consider installing a solar power system at your home, one of the first questions you’ll need to ask is “How do I choose the right solar installer?” At Infinite Energy we want you to feel confident about investing in solar. Confident you’re getting the right brands, at the right […]

  172. 5kW Solar System

    Investing in a solar PV system is a big decision, so you want to be confident you’re choosing the right one. Rapidly rising in popularity, a 5kW solar system delivers incredible bang for your buck. The solar system of choice for medium to large households, a 5kW solar system cost per kilowatt is the cheapest of […]

  173. How to Choose the Best Solar Panels

      Investing in solar’s a big decision. You want the right system for your needs and a great return on your investment. That’s why quality matters. But with so many brands on the market, how do you know you’re buying the best solar panels? We suggest you start with these three key questions. Which type […]

  174. Rossmoyne Senior High School(10kW)

    Improving cash flow while increasing their green image was the most important criteria to Rossmoyne when investing in solar. After investigating the potential to expand the capacity of their solar existing asset Rossmoyne contacted Infinite Energy to commission an expansion on their existing system. After a successful expansion, Rossmoyne were able to improve cash flow […]

  175. Goldfields Institute of Technology – Site B(35kW)

    Infinite Energy was selected to install two solar systems for Goldfields Institute of Technology at their Kalgoorlie Campus. Infinite Energy was successfully selected from a panel of solar suppliers under a strict tender process. The solar systems were installed in line with the Institute’s commitment to sustainability objectives as outlined in their Strategic Plan 2013-2015. […]

  176. Warranty information

    Each of the solar power components supplied by Infinite Energy is backed up by a quality warranty. As a quick guide: All of the solar panels we supply come with at least a 10 year product warranty (sometimes called the materials warranty) and a 25 year linear performance warranty. All of the inverters we supply […]

  177. Derek & Beryl Wood – Carine WA

    We have just installed a Solar PV System using 22 Sunpower Panels with an SMA Sunny TriPower 5000TL. The service we received from Infinite Energy from everyone involved, from the Sales Team and Administration to the Installation was without doubt the most professional we could have hoped for. Our contract called for the connection of […]

  178. AWTA(350kW)

    The Australian Wool Testing Authority (AWTA) commissioned Infinite Energy to design and install a solar PV system at their testing facility in Bibra Lake WA. At 150kW the system provides most of their day time power requirements.

  179. Solar Panel Specification Sheets

    Astronergy warranty Bosch Warranty Bosch warranty Warranty Conergy – PremiumPlus DAQO Warranty JA Solar Warranty Jinko Solar Warranty Q Cells warranty REC Warranty Sunpower warranty Suntech Power Warranty  

  180. Solar Power in Brisbane

    Infinite Energy’s specialist commercial Solar Power installation team in Brisbane are committed to helping you design the best solar system solution for your needs. One of Australia’s few Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailers, Infinite Energy’s Brisbane Solar Power team is at the forefront of delivering quality solar panel systems installed to the highest standards […]

  181. Solar FAQs

    Click on the questions to see the answers to the most common solar FAQs we encounter.  Government Rebates What types of rebates are available? Both the State and Federal Government provide 2 forms of assistance when installing a solar system. A rebate when you purchase the system, which comes off the price of the system. […]

  182. Partnerships

    Infinite Energy is proud of the partnerships with solar manufacturers and research institutions which have allowed us to bring the world’s leading solar power solutions to our customers. Community Partners Infinite Energy – a proud Corporate Sponsor of the Australian Hotels Association (WA) The Australian Hotels Association (WA) is one of the most respected industry […]

  183. Visit Our Showroom

    The Infinite Energy showroom offers an opportunity for our customers to view our range of products and discuss the options of solar for their home or business in a relaxed setting. We have our full range of solar panels on display together with working inverters, allowing our customers to see exactly what products will be […]

  184. Solar Panel Test Facility

    Infinite Energy owns and operates one of the most extensive Solar test facilities in Australia. The fixed facility has over 25 different solar panel brands installed and monitored on an ongoing basis. Each panel’s yield is individually monitored with duplicate panels tested for the effects of differing pitches and orientation. This test facility gives Infinite Energy […]

  185. Partnerships

    Infinite Energy is proud of the partnerships with solar manufacturers and research institutions which have allowed us to bring the world’s leading solar power solutions to our customers. Community Partners Research Partnerships In mid 2012, Infinite Energy participated in the Future Farm Australia 2050 Research Partnership with the University of Western Australia’s School of Electrical, […]

  186. Solar Component Selection Guide

    Solar Panel System Inverters Performance Warranty Comparison Solar Panel Mounting System Solar Panel Whilst Infinite Energy can source most panels on the market we believe these three panels stand out as superior. Here is a comparison:   Manufacturers presence in Australia Warranty and service Country of manufacture China Mexico, China Headquartered in USA Product Warranty […]

  187. Solar Panels

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