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Brisbane Girls Grammar School (90kW)

Brisbane Girls Grammar School (90kW)

Brisbane Girls Grammar School is one of Australia's leading girls' schools, providing quality education and learning opportunities for year 7 to year 12 students. By fostering a close community of students, teachers and parents, BGGS aims to inspire and encourage their students to be the forward-thinkers of tomorrow. 

With a strong desire to improve their environmental footprint, as well as reducing the amount of electricity they draw from the grid, BGGS selected Infinite Energy to design and install a 90kW solar PV system for the school. The system will produce 126, 741 kWh of clean energy each year, while also preventing 115 tonnes of harmful CO2 emissions being produced annually; the equivalent of 428 trees. 

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Company Brisbane Girls Grammar School 
Location Spring Hill, QLD
Installation Date January, 2021
Industry Education & Medical
Solution Solar Power System - System Capacity 90.47 kW  
  • 218 x 415W SunPower Performance3 solar panels
  • 1 x 27.6 kW SolarEdge inverter
  • 2 x 25 kW SolarEdge inverters
CO2- e. Abatement Per Year 115 tonnes
CO2 Equivalent Reduction 428 trees saved per year
Energy Output Per Year 126,741 kWh

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