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Bannister Downs Dairy Creamery (100kW)

Bannister Downs Dairy Creamery (100kW)

Bannister Downs Dairy Creamery is considered a benchmark company in premium quality dairy production. The dairy farm is still family-owned and operated, nearly a century since it was founded.

Located in Northcliffe, WA, the new Bannister Downs Creamery facility was completed in October 2018. The facility has a strong focus on environmental sustainability and awareness, with many initiatives in place to reduce their carbon footprint. Due to the energy-demanding nature of the business, Bannister Downs needed to look at alternative ways to manage electricity costs and production. They contacted Infinite Energy to do a thorough analysis of the business and determine the most effective solution.

We installed a 100kW commercial solar PV system with an annual output of 162,435 kWh of clean energy every year. The system will not only significantly reduce the facilities electricity bills, but also reduce the annual CO2 emissions by 127 tonnes and save an equivalent of 473 trees each year.

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Company Bannister Downs Dairy Creamery
Location Northcliffe
Installation Date 07 / 2018
Industry Agriculture, produce and wineries
Solution Solar Power System - System Capacity 99.96kW 
  • 294 x 340W SunPower Panels
  • 3 x SMA Sunny TriPower 25000TL
CO2- e. Abatement Per Year 127 tonnes
CO2 Equivalent Reduction 473 trees saved per year
Energy Output Per Year 162,435kWh

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