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Clevemont Holdings(92kW)

Clevemont Holdings(92kW)

Clevemont Holdings owns and operates a commercial retail space in Burswood, WA. Looking to reduce its carbon footprint and tenants’ reliance on grid electricity consumption, Clevemont Holdings decided to invest in solar PV.

Following a diligent selection process, Clevemont Holdings settled on Infinite Energy to augment its electrical network, and design, engineer, procure and install three 30.74kW solar PV systems.

The combined 92kW of solar PV will reduce energy bills for the majority of the building’s tenants, increasing the appeal of Clevemont Holdings’ commercial space to existing and prospective tenants.

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Company Clevemont Holdings
Location Burswood
Installation Date 08 / 2016
Industry Retail & Hospitality
Solution Solar Power System - System capacity 91.8kW (across 3 systems)
  • 360 x 255W Canadian Solar Panels
  • 6 x SMA Inverters
  • Integrated SMA Solar Monitoring Solution
CO2- e. Abatement Per Year 115 tonnes
CO2 Equivalent Reduction 380 trees saved per year
Energy Output Per Year 150,000 kWh
Solar % of Consumption 83%
Grid Electricity % of Consumption 17%
Projected Payback Period 5.8 years
Year 1 Return on Investment 18%
10 Year NPV $72,900
Annual Savings $25,700

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